Check Out This Unboxing of a Fake Apple Watch from China [VIDEO]


The first Apple Watch clones made their debut at CES 2015, which were available for a mere $60, made by Chinese manufacturers.

The Financial Times described their experience with a clone at CES 2015 as “identical down to the distinctive “digital crown” controller on the side of the device and four sensors on the underside.” The knock off ran a version of Android made to mimic the interface of the Apple Watch UI.

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Now, Canadian YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has offered a closer look at a knock off Apple Watch, which could make you “the cool kid in school for five minutes”:

The build quality is pretty crappy and the screen itself is horrible. But that’s what you get with a cheap knock off.

Apple confirmed last month the Apple Watch will be shipping in April, most likely in the U.S. first. If Canada misses the cut, are you going to head down to the U.S. to buy an Apple Watch to be #FIRST?


  • Eric

    Id buy one in the us, if the dollar value was better 🙁

  • Duff

    I can’t see how this product will only ship in the US. my money is betting it will launch in Canada, UK, Japan and most of Europe in April.

  • tHoj101

    If you examine the wording in ads for the Apple Watch in Canada, the UK, and a few other countries, you’ll see that Apple has carefully chosen to say ‘Available in 2015’ whereas on the US Apple site their ads say ‘Coming Early 2015.’ Apple did this in the past with the iPhone and iPad as for a time they were exclusive to the US before shipping to other countries. I myself am from Ontario, Canada had to cross the border to buy an iPad from New York state in the US when it initially launched.