Unlocked iPhone 5s Prices in Canada Start at $719 for 16GB


Apple announced their iPhone 5s today at their special event in Cupertino. The new phone has the A7 chip, upgraded camera and fingerprint sensor known as Touch ID. We’ll have a full overview of the model upcoming.

But right now, has updated their unlocked, outright pricing of the iPhone 5s in Canada. Here they are below, at a $20 price increase compared to last year’s unlocked iPhone 5 (which started at $699):

  • 16GB: $719
  • 32GB: $819
  • 64GB: $919

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 at 11 22 21 AM

Compare this to Apple USA’s unlocked pricing, which is $70 cheaper across the board:

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 at 11 24 36 AM

Canada again pays a premium compared to our American neighbours. Maybe all this new technology is more expensive? What are you going to upgrade this year?


  • crosseyed_mofo

    i may just buy mine from tmobile when i go to nyc next month

    edit: screw that when purchasing from tmo they are locked for 14 days

  • wuju

    When is the pre-order? Heard it’s Friday… 12am sharp EST?

  • Sarge

    I have the 5 and will not be upgrading (I wasn’t planning on it anyways).
    My mom has a 4S and I was going to surprise her with a 5C but after the $600 pricing that ain’t gonna happen =(

  • sarge

    5c preorder 13th, 5s preorder 20th

  • wuju

    Any word if it has the WindMobile bandwidth? Cause I want to switch with the 5S

  • crosseyed_mofo


  • warpdrive

    Bullshit that we pay that much more…. I could maybe see 20$ for extra shipping costs etc…. But 70$? Lame. Ill buy one anyways though! Lol. The lack of a 128gb model has me feeling a bit deflated right now…. I so wanted 128 ????

  • mofoman

    $70 difference across the border?!
    Complete BS!

  • Mo

    The new pricing is totally unfair. Why the $20 extra for Canada and not the US?

  • Chrome262

    I was too, but when i go through and delete the apps I don’t use, man i get like 5 gig back, and pictures on on the stream now so I got another 2 gig from that. So, can make due

  • Chrome262

    this is for 5S its probably like 400 for the c

  • Jimbo

    Can’t believe they’re still starting at 16GB! Apple’s really going to go into full time marketing prior to pre-order dates. Have to wait for an assessment of the photo capabilities of the new 5S. Otherwise certainly no hidden secrets to this announcement.

  • Mo

    5C starts at $599, 5S starts at $719

  • Chrome262

    5c as well, I wish my earlier 5 worked would of switched already

  • iNathan16

    as every Apple product, the new releases are all shipped from China, so It doesn’t cost them more to ship it to Canada than the USA. It’s always like this in Canada anyway.

  • MrXax

    How do they justify charging $70 more than in the U.S.? That’s absurd. Just as ridiculous is they’re still charging $100 to go from 16GB to 32GB. I really thought Apple would be shifting to 32GB/64GB/128GB at the same pricing… long overdue.

  • Chrome262

    yeah just saw that post, how is that cheaper sheesh, should be 399 bastards lol

  • Chrome262

    well you could always go contract, get it unlocked and give it to your mom. Or have her renew and pay for it

  • Mike

    5s you can order online or get it from your local apple store? Will it be unlock or is it only contract only if you buy it from your local apple store?

  • Chrome262

    it will be unlocked, if you get it from your provider, it will be locked, but you can ask them to unlock it for a fee. And if you buy it on contract it can be unlocked after 90 days

  • Mike

    pre-order or can’t you get the phone from your local apple store that same day?

  • Mike

    Yes only for the 5c

  • Mike

    Can you purchase unlock phones from your local apple store or online only right now?

  • Mike

    I agree!

  • Mike

    Maybe only the t-mobile version?

  • Milo

    if you know someone in the US then they can ship you the phone for about $20 with insurance too. Oh you would be saving even more because they don’t have GST there.

  • Chrome262

    not sure, your provider might be offering pre-orders, not sure if they will be for non contract ones

  • Chrome262

    going to tell everyone my 5 is a 5s lol

  • Mo

    totally agree I was expecting it below 500 since I first saw the 99 with a contract

  • Jimmy

    when bought from where?

  • Mo

    Is that possible now to have it unlocked after 90 days ? the new wireless code doesn’t come to effect till December

  • wuju

    Sounds like one can get the iPhone 5S on the 20th from the store is earliest way to get it. Pre-order on the 20th will take another week or two.

  • Jimmy

    I can just croos the border to Vermont or Plattsburgh and buy it there unlocked right? Even with gas I’ll still save about 50$.

  • Brandon

    Everyone is confused why its more expensive in Canada? Yes $70 is a little much but $649USD is equivalent to about $700CAD.

  • Ethan

    Let’s all relax a bit in terms of pricing difference. The Canadian dollar isn’t at par anymore, and hasn’t been for a while. We’re currently at approx 4%, but has averaged 5%. So add approximately $35-42.00 per unit.

    That means the additional charge by Apple isn’t that large after all.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    tmobile, in store

  • Jesse

    Guess I’ll be saving 70 bucks on the 20th when I’m in Vegas! How that is BS with the prince difference..

  • Chrome262

    I think you can order it the 20th, so in theory you could get it in a few days. 5C not sure, if you pre order it 13th when is the release date, 20th?

  • Chrome262

    what?? then you have to go unlock them?

  • Jimmy

    unless you buy directly from the NYC Apple store.

  • Hugo

    $649USD is about $671CAD right now… they’re selling it for $719. $50 difference is pretty big (especially since they ship from China and the cost is about the same for them)

  • Jesse

    Yeah it’ll work with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity

    Model A1533 (GSM)*: UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 19, 20, 25)

  • Chrome262

    Order it through US online apple store, have it delivered to someone in the states, either go or have it delivered to hear. done lol

  • crosseyed_mofo

    didnt think of that….

  • crosseyed_mofo

    then they will unlock it for you

  • pegger1

    It has nothing to do with the new wireless code. Rogers has been offering unlocks for years if the subsidy was paid, and since March with the 90 day rule. $50 fee.

  • pegger1

    You can’t purchase the phone anywhere right now. It’s released on the 20th.
    Typically you can get an unlocked phone at either.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    how does that affect warranty though if you bring it into local apple store?

  • Jim

    last year it was about 3AM or something.

  • Chrome262

    they did a study on why almost all products do this, turns out, we have grown used to the difference because of the currency in the past, and don’t seem to kick up enough fuss for them to change it. So we are willing to pay more so they charge us more.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah thats the thing, while the difference doesn’t seem like much, add in our huge taxes and you are looking at almost 800 bucks

  • Chrome262

    holy crap on the bands? mine only does 3 and 17, shit, this phone will work on any network

  • Chrome262

    why the hell didn’t they do this with the earlier 5 I could of went to any network in the world

  • Chrome262

    shouldn’t, i mean if you buy it an apple store, and you use your Apple id to register it, then thats that. I hope, i mean.

  • ddsmak

    Yes, it is about 671CAD at today’s rate. Next week maybe higher or lower. But when we hear the exchange rate from the news or apps, it listed the exchange rate between the countries, not the actually exchange rate you will get from your local banks. Usually there will be an extra 2% more or so. Also I believe there is some form of import tax imposed by the Canadian government.

  • Aydreean

    that’s the iphone 5c how about iphone 5s

  • Shipping costs probably aren’t much different since they’re all being shipped from China (actually, it might be cheaper shipping to Canada), but there is an exchange rate taking place, and our dollar is not nearly as good as it was a year ago. As of today, $849 USD equates to $878.51 CAD, so it’s more like a $40 difference, not a $70 one.

  • Jesse

    Model “A1533 (GSM)” is the iPhone 5S that will be selling in Canada and USA. US also has another one I believe for Verizon and Sprint same model number my CDMA version “A1533(CDMA)”

  • $30 of that is the exchange rate. They’re probably inflating it a bit more to protect themselves against future exchange rate fluctuations.

    But if you think that difference is bad, try living in Europe. Prices in the UK are £709 for the 64GB model, which converts to $1115.53 USD. In France, the 64GB iPhone is 899€, which converts to $1192.85 USD. All of a sudden, our $888.13 USD conversion doesn’t look so bad.

  • Jason

    Your 100% right with that. Even saw them talk about is on CBC’s Marketplace saying Canadians are used to it so why change.

  • Also, depending on how much content you buy from iTunes and the App Store, you might even be ahead of what a US citizen is spending, considering we have the lowest iTunes Store pricing in the world, when you consider the exchange rate.

  • You won’t be saving 70 bucks. At most you’ll be saving 40, but it’ll depend on how much extra your bank decides to tack on to the exchange rate.

  • Why is no one considering the exchange rate? Also, you’ll have to pay duty when you bring it back into Canada and end up paying more.

  • Jesse

    It’ll be close to 70 as I have an american bank account since I’m there for almost half the year

  • Your American bank account allows you to exchange money at par?

  • reformcanada

    No 128GB wtf! That would have got me interested. I have got the 64GB 4S and was looking to upgrade. Now, I am thinking of getting a 64GB iPhone 5 at a much lower price. I want to get the 4 inch display and since Apple’s update was so mediocre, the iPhone 5 will probably be the route I will go. Looks like I’ll just have to keep deleting apps and music every time I sync my phone to my computer for another year or two. 🙁

  • Jesse

    I have money in it already as when the exchange rate is close or ours is worth more I’ll throw in money in there from time to time.

  • I see. So YOU will be saving money, since you exchanged your cash a while ago, but that still doesn’t mean there’s a $70 price difference between Canada and the US.

  • Jesse

    Exactly why I said, “Guess I’LL be saving 70 bucks on the 20th when I’m in vegas” 🙂

  • Sly

    For the 5S, is it pre-order on the 20th or can we go pick one up (unlocked) at the Apple store? last year we had to order unlocked online only. Has this policy changed again and we can now go at the store?

    This is not clear.

  • Sven L

    Exchange rate as of close today…$1.03 CDN for every $1.00 US. That represents a 3% premium on a dollar-for-dollar basis. With a US price of $699 (or $700 essentially), we should only see an exchange premium of $21 NOT $70.

  • BeaveVillage

    Holy FRACK.

    Look at those prices!!!

    Waiting for the 6 for sure now, unless there’s an easy trade-in 5 for 5s around.

  • Nicholas

    No duty depending on how long your gone and which phone you get, remember exemption is up to $800 now

  • A hotel room for two nights and meals for two days in order to stay long enough to get the $800 exemption would cost you a lot more than the $40 savings though. Jimmy had phrased his post in a way that sounded more like he was planning to just “pop across the border” to pick it up.

    (Exemption is $0 for less than 24 hours, $200 for 24-48 hours and $800 only if you’re in the US for longer than 48 hours.)

  • …unless you get charged duty on the package. Then you’ll end up paying all of those taxes anyway. Factoring in the exchange rate and shipping, you’d be saving maybe $20 in the end, and that would be if your friend in the US lives in a tax-free state.

  • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

    Yeah but their salary are the same in Euro which mean their minimum wage is 10€ while our is 10$ and taxes are included. So they still win.

  • It doesn’t sound like that’s the case on these message boards. Everyone here seems to be surprised that there’s any difference, even one to cover the exchange rate.

  • If you’re going to use that argument, the minimum wage in the US is typically around $7 to $9, so then we win.

  • ticky13

    Don’t forget, he probably won’t be paying a ridiculously high tax rate either.

  • ticky13

    You presume people are actually going to declare it at the border. Pretty each to say you already owned it before you left Canada.

  • Jesse

    Even lots of times when you do declare it they don’t even care! I always drive down to Seattle/Bellevue (from Vancouver) and buy tones of stuff like for instance on Black Friday and was in the states for 14 hours and came back with 500 dollars worth of stuff and I told them at the border and they just said alright have a good day!

  • WatDah

    I once picked up a set of 4 brand new tries for $600 at Point Roberts. Crossed the boarder for like 30 min, showed them the receipt and everything, got a “Have a good day.”, and off I go. =D

  • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

    What I meant is whatever the salary you have here, you can have the same number in € if you go work in Europe. So 700€ = $700 CAD except when you want to convert your € to Can and inversely.

  • Raphaël Touchette

    No preorder, so we need to get to an Apple Store to get an iPhone 5S that is locked. You can also wait on September 20 online to have it unlocked but it will take your 2 weeks to get your phone… And now we need to pay 20 $ more to get that phone. Am I the one to think that this is BS ?

  • Senti

    Its a flop phone

  • Chrome262

    Yeah but thats us, we are the minority, How long have we been living in all these monopolies, everyone just excepts it. While the small percentage that actually reads things and does research realizes we are all being screwed. The big 3 as well as other companies and even the government banks on the public being stupid and complacent. And it works mostly, think social media is changing that a bit though.

  • Canucks

    We pay more tax compare to US and some other countries. We have smaller market compare to US and other countries as well. But I do feel you.

  • Canucks

    With just a normal case, which most people have, it’s really hard to tell. No one can tell the different except the fingerprint feature. 🙂

  • Canucks

    We have way smaller market compare to the US. Our exchange rate is higher. Our tax is higher.

  • Canucks

    We are in Canada. What else is new?

  • Ex

    No word yet. Stay tuned closer to launch.

  • DaveMcG

    Just like last year, this page is all about carriers and plans and contracts.

    This virtually eliminates the eBay flippers. Why wouldn’t they do it this way again?

    I’ll buy the double doubles if they are selling unlocked in store on day 1.

  • Tim

    $719 is too much for a smart phone. I can’t justify paying nearly double that of a nexus 4 for marginally better features. I have an iphone 5, but will likely head over to android for my next device.

  • pegger1

    He only has to pay the duty if he claims it. I don’t think he planned on doing that. He just has to go down with his sim card and pop it into the new phone and he’s set.

  • Patrick Ducharme

    Any information yet if we will be able to buy UNLOCKED on the Sept.20 in store ??

  • DaveMcG

    FYI: rep at Apple store @ Southgate Mall says they haven’t been told to not sell unlocked 5S’s on day 1. Check with your store before you line up next week to be safe! Happy to be wrong in this case. 😀

  • macmurray

    It’s not about shipping it’s about logistics. Our population is more spread out so they have to deliver smaller shipments to more places than they would in the US. Not to justify it, but it’s only $30 over the US price once you account for the exchange rate, that’s not too egregious in my mind.

  • macmurray

    What price were you expecting?

  • steve

    why the f would you care what model people think your phone is? re-assess priorities dude.

  • Chrome262

    It was a joke on how little the outside has changed, always the issue with the S upgrades.

  • Agreed. I don’t think the price differences are all that bad.

  • DaveMcG

    Rep at Southgate mall Apple store said “we have not been told to NOT sell unlocked phones at the store but that might change”.

    So, call your store the night before to be safe!

  • Stores don’t find out until the last minute so we’ll get more details closer to next week.

  • Just Me

    So how much in the USA for the unlocked version? I assume they DO sell the UNLOCKED version? The exchange rate now is more reasonable. The cash rate is around 1.05 which is better than it was a few weeks ago when it was close to 1.08

  • Just Me

    dont put a spin on things and try to compare ourselves to other continents. you sound like the oil companies playing mind fuck games with us and telling us that elsewhere they’re paying $3 to $5 a litre for gasoline. We should be grateful we don’t pay that much, In other words, we should be grateful they’re using a wooden stick instead of a metal one to stick it up our arse!

  • Just Me

    In Australia, their minimum wage is $12 and their dollar is about the same as ours.

  • Hasan Choudhury

    They did, it started from all iPhone 5 shipped after April (After apple confirmed the T-mobile deal). I am on Wind using my iPhone 5 – just make sure AWS bands are included – thats 1700/2100 bands (it will be written on the box) or just ask the genius to make sure.

  • DaveMcG

    Huh? It’s right there in the article.

  • jj

    you are forgeting to count our tax!! don’t forget in Europe the price you see is the price you pay!!! because the tax is included already.
    we pay $1038.47 tax included for a 64gb so its not far off and considering the wage its actually a better deal for them!
    so don’t justify us getting ripped of $70 extra!
    I would never pay that much for a phone that is practically 2 years old.

  • john

    paying $812.47 for a tiny 16GB phone that is practically the same as 2 years ago is just disgusting!

    I’m willing to pay that price and more if the product is actually something new, but apple is putting a phone out with some miner internal change and an extra colour as “the new device” its just pathetic and honestly I’d feel dumb actually buying it,

    And to make matter worst they rip us off $70 extra!! so No Thanks! I’d rather jump ship and buy a samsung galaxy note 3 which is much better in every aspect. just the screen of the note 3 alone its worth an iphones to me and more.

    I have to say its sad to see steve job is gone and apple is going down! I can promise you if they practice this attitude they will shrink big time! no wonder samsung is leaping ahead of apple by miles!

    plus that tiny skiny outdated screen and giant bezels in an iphone is just way outdated so i’m out for sure that was the last chance I gave them. I played with an S4 and HTC one and they are simply way better than the outdated iphone, the samsung note 3 will eat iphones for lunch so I don’t mind paying to buy it.

  • Al

    same here. the note 3 will spank the outdated iphone! even the nexus 4 which is now starting at 199 fully unlocked is better in my opinion since it has a 4.7 inch display. let alone the simplicity of use and customization.

  • david

    dude whats with you? you are constantly A$$ hurt trying to justify the price difference for apple. are you in love with apple or something that you can’t even see straight?

  • Chrome262

    earlier 5, hence my issue, and they added even more bands. I got mine before April

  • Honestly, my biggest issue is that people are comparing two units that are not the same value as if they are the same value. It’s like (and I realize this is an extreme example) comparing the average person’s height in US and Canada, and saying that because Canadians have an average height of 1.75m and Americans have an average height of 5’10” (5.83 feet), that Americans are 4.08 metres taller than on average. That’s obviously not true. You’re not converting the units.

    Granted, our dollar is close to the American dollar, but it’s not the same, and when you’re looking at the unlocked price of the 64GB model, it makes a $30 difference, which is notable.

    I’m also trying to inform people that it’s probably not worth their time to travel down to the US to buy one. They think they’re saving all this money, but after they factor in gas, exchange rate and whether or not they choose to be honest at the border, they’re likely not going to be saving any money. I’d want to be aware of this if I was considering doing this. I think it’s something people haven’t thought of and I think they should be aware of it. It is NOT the $70 difference that it looks like.

  • It’s not $70 extra. These are two different currencies. It’s closer to $40 extra. Yes, that’s still more, and sure it sucks that Apple charges us more, but it bugs me that everyone keeps saying it’s a $70 difference which is an outright lie.

    And what do you mean by a phone that is 2 years old? It was just announced this week, and isn’t even released yet. How does that make it 2 years old?

  • Right, so we can use that argument to explain why products in Europe are more expensive, but we’re not allowed to use that argument to explain why products in the US are cheaper?

  • chas_m

    Canada has had very minor fluctuations in currency (within 5%) for as long as I’ve lived here. I understand the need to cover possible currency changes, but a $70 penalty is outrageous enough that I plan to write Mr. Joswiak (head of iOS marketing) a stern letter about how Apple treats its Canadian customers. If I were going to buy an unlocked 5s, I’d certainly now do it on my next trip down south — depriving businesses here of sales. $70 difference (plus BC’s 12 percent tax!) is just too much.

  • T_T ?

    What are the unlocked prices in the USA, if even available?

  • T_T ?

    Your conversion rate is wrong. The current cash rate at RBC is $1.0606. With the US pricing of $649 USD ((16 GB model). the same iPhone here costs $688.33. For the 128 GB (overkill in my opinion), the cost is $900 CDN or $50 more than the US version.

    When the CDN dollar pricing was established, the CDN dollar was doing much better, in fact about the same as it was last year. For whatever reason, Apple decided to screw us Canadians with their pricing of the unlocked device. Rogers always maintained they get their pricing from Apple, but as we all know that’s complete bullshit. The established pricing of the devices via contract have been in line across the board. It just so happens that for the last few years, Robellus have lower subsidized prices than in the USA.

    I don’t buy it for a second that Apple has not given Canadian Carriers the same normal discount they have always received for their devices. The higher contract prices are the works of the carriers, not anyone else.

    As for myself, I will skip the 5S and either wait for the 6 or 6S unless of course Google blows my mind with an awesome and great priced Android phone.

  • Well, my rate isn’t wrong, it’s just different than the one you used because I grabbed the rate on a different day, and I didn’t add the extra fee that the banks charge. It was actually lower than the rate you used, so I’m not sure what your argument is here.

    There’s actually no 128GB model, unfortunately, just a 64GB model, which I think is the one you’re referring to.

    Finally, how is it you’re aware of the date they established the CAD pricing? The last time the two currencies were on par was back in February, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t set pricing for the new iPhone back then. A year ago today (around the time the previous models were released), the Canadian Dollar was at 1.0328, compared to the 0.9687 it is today (I’m not using bank exchange rates, because those are all different, I’m using the actual exchange rate). Also note that in the last week of August (around the time when they might set international pricing, I would assume), our dollar was hovering around 0.95. So I’m not quite sure where you’re getting your information from, as the exchange rate has changed quite a bit since the release of the last model.

  • shinratdr

    Just so you know, it’s really not a minor internal change. Going to 64-bit and OpenGL ES 3.0 is the biggest internal leap since the release of the iPhone 4.

    Either way, enjoy your Galaxy Note 3! Buy what works for you. If you prefer a phablet style device running Android then there is no shortage of options out there for you.

    Just like if you want a 17-inch laptop, a netbook, a heavily customizable tower, or any number of products in markets that Apple doesn’t engage in.

  • T_T ?

    My point is that with the vast *majority* of Canadians, they have no idea how to properly calculate foreign exchange. You helped me in that regard 😉

    As already mentioned, Apple’s foreign market pricing structure is long established before it goes to market. Our dollar has been doing pretty good, although not the best over the last year. So the impact shouldn’t be huge, if at all. You should look at the exchange rate in 2011, say, July 2012 and the iPhone was the same price as it was in 2012. Unfortunately, our CDN dollar did take a big hit over the last month and now it’s finally rising to 1.0295.

    However, since posting my comment new information has come to light like how even China Telecom is lowering the subsidy on the iPhone. There could be some other factors in addition to the exchange rate at play here to dictate the higher pricing of the devices.

  • Tester

    We have to pay taxes on itunes purchase while the US Doesn’t!

  • I’m not sure where you’re getting that info from, but I know for music it’s actually the opposite. We don’t pay taxes on iTunes music purchases in Canada, but they do pay taxes on iTunes music purchases in the US.

    I’m not sure about app purchases in the US though. I know we pay taxes on apps in Canada.

  • George

    Develop an app, then you can get the taxes back from the government. I’m sure the app store needs another flash-light app. 😛

  • iPhone!

    Lol I went to futureshop and I found a better deal so I only had to pay $578 after tax on it it without contract

  • boere

    i know somebody selling iphones in RSA for R3000