Unlocked 16GB Pink/Yellow/Blue/Green iPhone 5c Sold Out in USA; Canada All in Stock


iPhone 5c pre-orders went live at midnight PDT on September 13 and later on in the day the 16GB yellow model was the first to sell out in the USA. Now, the initial batches of pink, blue and green models in the same 16GB capacity are also showing as sold out, with delivery dates reading “available to ship: by 9/25”.

Screen Shot 2013 09 15 at 11 25 01 PM

Screen Shot 2013 09 15 at 11 25 14 PM

The situation is the exact opposite in Canada, where initial pre-order stock for all five colours of unlocked iPhone 5c models remain available and showing “delivers by 9/20-9/24”. Yesterday, some iPhone 5c case pre-orders received shipment email notifications only to see UPS tracking numbers that are not live yet.

Last year, Apple sold out of their iPhone 5 pre-orders shortly after launch and on the following Monday announced 5 million weekend orders, breaking the previous 4 million launch weekend record held by the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5c appears to have plenty of stock in Canada, either due to low demand or Apple being sufficiently prepared due to an ample supply of phones.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5s was not available for pre-order this year so if Apple does issue a press release tomorrow stating weekend pre-order numbers, it’ll only count the iPhone 5c. Stay tuned!


  • wah_gee

    Interesting results. I guess us Canadians want simple, yet with more bells and whistles, and we’re willing to shell out more for a better handset. Too bad the price plans stink compared to what can be offered by retentions.

  • Tim

    Why are people actually buying these things? It’s the iphone 5 in crappier packaging. Go out and get an iphone 5 while you still can if this is your price bracket.

  • iVoid You

    i think the design of the 5C looks better then 5/5S

  • K4

    No offence, but you must be high

  • MleB1

    Could it be that Canadian Macoyltes are a little more restrained in their fawning for every new trinket that Apple produces than their US counterparts?
    Or is this just a reflection on the distaste for giving Canadian wireless companies another reason to lock ‘subscribers’ into a contract, while finding the new iPhones simply not worth the bucks at full retail if you’ve already got an older iPhone?

    Or they’re just saying, “Screw this” and going out and buying a 32GB Nexus 4 at $250 retail?

  • asdsads

    I’m sorry but you sound like an iBoy. 5C better than 5 design? The funniest thing I’ve ever heard this year. ROFL!

  • WatDah

    I’m high but I don’t agree with him.
    Please don’t stereotype, thanks. =)

  • WatDah

    Come on guys, There’s way more people living in USA than Canada. The amount of people with 3/3GS/4/4GS that’s waiting for an upgrade could be a lot more. It could simply be that they don’t see the need for a 5S, or they can only afford $100 for an upgrade.

  • 14host

    Its still available if you choose the Tmobile option.
    Its also unlocked but it comes with a Tmobile sim

  • iVoid You

    on redbull yes. but anyways, the ip5 design is nice. but it wasnt as moving to me as the ip3gs->ip4.

    the shiny edges are not my thing.

  • iVoid You

    whats a “iBoy”? if the 5c was as thin as ip5/5s, it would definitely be better looking!

    glad i can make you “ROFL”

  • Canucks

    Well this just prove one thing. Canadians are smarter on choosing phones. As much as I love Apple, iPhone 5c is a joke.