US Police Say Criminals Like Apple’s iPhone Because of Strong Encryption



In a court filing, US law enforcement say that criminals have been favouring Apple’s iPhones because of the strong encryption the devices have.

The groups said that they know about a number of instances where criminals have switched from burner phones to iPhones. No specific examples were mentioned.

The court hearing took place within the legal battle between Apple and the US Department of Justice. Last month, the US Justice Department urged Apple to design new software that would enable a backdoor into the device’s operating system. This would give law enforcement easier access to user data, however, it would also give malicious users an easy way through.

Apple said that this request would be very dangerous, putting their users’ privacy and security at risk. On Thursday several tech giants, including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft sent legal briefs in support of Apple’s statement.

However, Apple has respected the FBI and turned in all the information that they could find with respect to the case. Law enforcement groups around the country said that Apple’s stance poses a great danger to investigations.

[via Reuters]


  • Sooo, do citizens believe law enforcement also like iPhone to hide their criminal activities too? Let’s not forget police officers have been involved in drunk driving, child pornograpgy, police brutality, etc?

    Let’s be fair, look at both sides of the glass Justice Department 😛

  • BigCat

    I am not too sure what the bad guys really trust these days, but I can certainly think of one good guy that does not trust smartphones:

    Senator Al Franken Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law.

    The good Senator uses nothing, but a cheap bubble pack flip phone. The kind were the battery can be easily and quickly removed.

    He’s probably just frugal:)

  • Léon

    In other news: Criminals also like Lamborghini as a getaway car because of the strong engine.

  • “Daddy, drive faster!”

    Ned Flanders: “I can’t–it’s a Geooooooo!”

  • Léon

    Authorities insist the car manufacturer install the third door in the back for easier access for the law enforcement in case criminals take possession of the car

  • Léon


  • awkpain

    I shall start an organization called

    “Mothers Against Fast Cars That Could Hit People If Criminals Get Them!”

    That’s right watch for the MAFCTCHPICGT posters in your neighbourhood!