Vancouver Police Nab Driver for iPhone Attached to Steering Wheel by Strings [PIC]


Distracted driving is a huge problem nowadays, with the Insurance Bureau of Canada saying it’s now the leading cause of traffic deaths, topping impaired driving.

But it looks like some people aren’t getting the message, such as one Vancouver man, who was caught by police with a tablet and iPhone attached to his steering wheel—with strings.

Yesterday, the @VPDTraffic account tweeted “Can’t make it up. Guy had iPad and cell phone attached by strings on steering wheel while driving! Yes, that’s his ticket he’s holding.”

Iphone steering wheel

Yes, that’s not an iPad but some sort of Android tablet. The Plus-sized iPhone he has in the car is attached to the front of his steering wheel with an elaborate string setup. Talk about ingenuity.

According to CBC News, Const. Jason Doucette said, “Based on the information collected during their conversation, our officer decided that educating the driver about the devices would be the most effective approach,” handing him an $81 ticket instead for failing to show his driver’s license. Vancouver Police did not issue a distracted driving ticket, after “a lengthy conversation about road safety.”

Other recent distracted driving stories in Metro Vancouver recently include a driver last week playing Pokemon Go on his iPad last week, while last month, a 51-year old woman was similarly caught playing the game while driving in New Westminster.

In B.C., a distracted driving ticket comes with a $368 fine and four penalty points on a driver’s record. In March 2018, two or more distracted driving offences in B.C. will affect driver insurance premiums.


  • Genius, but safety first.
    Your eyes should be focused on the road, not the screen.

  • Mamba

    So this guy only got a mere $81 ticket for that, when I got a $368 ticket just because the officer THOUGHT I was using my phone when I totally wasn’t, and he wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain!! WTF!!

  • Dansk

    This is beyond distracted, this is plain stupid! I’m totally pissed he didn’t get the fine for distracted driving.

  • Bill___A

    My lower mainland drive BC story is about the person in the “Worksafe BC” vehicle using their blackberry while driving.

  • Did you take it to court?

  • Mamba

    I disputed the ticket. Waiting for my court date. I’m not paying for a violation I didn’t commit.

  • Joe

    Your cop should’ve been nicer to you, no question about that. I hope you beat them in court. I would strongly that you send a letter asking for the cop to disclose his/her evidence against you. Google how to do it. Also, try to remember what the cop looked like. Sometimes they don’t show up to court, in which case all you have to do is plead not guilty and they let you go.

    That being said, I’m always glad when an officer chooses to be lenient. This poor sucker should be entitled to a warning, especially seeing as this story is now all over Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I hope the cop didn’t let this guy off because of white privilege, or some other stupid s*** though.

  • Mamba

    Thanks for the info Joe, I’ll look into it! And I’m quite confident I can identify the cop again if I see him.

    And no, this guy is Chinese. Who else would put a Lexus badge inside a Mazda 3 like that…. LOL