Venture Capitalist Says Tesla Looks Like Apple in their Pre-iPhone Era


According to venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, Tesla looks almost exactly like Apple did in their pre-iPhone days.

During the Sohn Conference, Palihapitiya decided to pitch Tesla as an investment, where he drew out some interesting similarities between Apple and Tesla. He said:

“What Apple did was create a tailwind of demand. Now let’s ask ourselves, is Tesla running the same playbook?”

The graph below shows a comparison between the iPhone vs the Model S in terms of market share since launch. It is interesting to see how the first five years of both graphs look almost identical in shape.

Palihapitiya believes that Tesla could eventually grab five percent market share of the entire automotive industry, which is saying a lot given that they only have about a tenth of a percent right now.

[via Electrek]


  • It’s Me

    Wow, those graphs are so close that if you squint really hard, it almost looks like you posted only one graph.


  • sully54

    Pre-iPhone Apple was profitable with the iPod. Tesla is not yet turning a profit.

  • erth

    how about this question. how many other companies looked like apple pre iphone, and then never had an iphone event? percentages please. i am guessing apple was a less than 1% chance of becoming what it is today.

  • Tim

    Tesla’s iphone moment was when they recently sold half a million options for a car that nobody had ever sat in. Ten years ago nobody was using a smartphone. Now try to find someone without one. The electric/self driving revolution is upon us and they’re poised to be a huge benefactor from that.