Virgin Mobile Posts iPhone 4 Information Page


Slowly but surely the Canadian wireless carriers are getting their iPhone 4 information pages up to date.

This week, Virgin Mobile is the next wireless carrier to post their iPhone 4 information page. Oddly enough, the page still indicates “coming soon” but that will probably change real quick.

There is also a “Register Now” link where users can sign up and receive up to date information on the iPhone 4.


Fill out your deets below and we’ll let you know when iPhone 4 is up for grabs.

As we know, Bell was the first Canadian wireless carrier to publicly post that they would be carrying the iPhone 4 on July 30, 2010. This was followed by Rogers and Fido, except that Rogers/Fido posted their announcements internally and not publicly.

Soon after, Telus updated their iPhone 4 information page with the July 30 launch date.

So if you are currently a Virgin Mobile subscriber or plan on subscribing with Virgin Mobile when you get your iPhone 4, check this out.

Thanks Dan for the email!

[Virgin Mobile]


  • Hyperextension

    This sucks if it is true about pre-orders

  • Imladris

    I wonder if carriers will include the 6-pack antenna band-aid package that Chantelle so eloquently wrote about 2 posts ago:))!!!! I want the black and white ones!!

  • antonym

    uh, virgin mobile has had that page up for weeks now….

  • owais

    I just got off the phone with a very knowledgable Rogers CSR. Apparently they all had an update meeting earlier today regarding the iphone 4 launch.

    There is no pricing update on it yet. However the good news is that all current smartphone users from Rogers will be eligible to upgrade to iphone 4 starting July 30th as long as you got your current smartphone prior to June 7th 2010. The price will be the exact same as what everyone else will be paying for it so no penalties to existing ubscribers. Usually the earliest you can upgrade your smart phone is every 2 years.

    You will be able to place upgrade orders online, in store or via CSR agent.

    At this time they dont have any updates on possible new promotional voice and data plans.

    Goodluck guys!

  • theused

    really?? that sounds WAY TO GOOD TO BE TRUE…

    as long as you've had your smartphone for more than 2 months you can upgrade? are you sure he didn't say june 7th 2009 or ever 2008?

  • Kiwi

    hmmm.. I think I may just still buy the one from Apple and sell my 3GS. This way, at least the phone is inlocked without jailbreaking…

  • Hyperextension

    Just checked online at Rogers regarding upgrading my phone. Right next to your phone in the hardware section, you can click UPGRADE TO IPHONE or UPGRADE MY PHONE. Prior to today, when I clicked on the IPHONE link, it would bring up the 3G and 3GS. Now it doesn't do anything at all. Things are happening behind the scenes.

  • rorypiper

    Wow. I really hope that upgrade news is true. That will be the deciding factor, for me getting an iPhone 4 at launch or not.

  • Matt

    June 7, 2010? You can gloat if you are right, but that can't be correct.

  • asdmd

    What plan to get? Hey Ex I know this might be a hassle, but with so many carries coming out perhaps we could do a comparison chart of the different carries and what they are offering. I just went to bell and am on the phone the Virgin right now as well, both are offering great student, my 10 plans, but its hard to get an idea of the different plans with 5 or 6 GB data. Just an idea?

  • rorypiper

    Yeah, I noticed that, too! Exciting!

  • Mindfield1

    Great that what Rogers did last year for the 3GS

  • Vazandrew

    Yeah, this page has been up for awhile! They need to change it. I hope they will do pre-orders because I need a new phone badly and can't wait too long

  • Vartanarsen

    EX or GARY!!..I just had a nightmare on the phone with Apple store in montreal…they told me that there will be NO Factory Unlocked models in the Apple Store…only locked to carriers!!!…..My dream of driving from Boston for this thing is falling apart in front of my eyes!! :(((

  • Hyperextension

    I think the only unlocked ones are available online through the Apple Store. That is how it is worded anyways.

  • Hyperextension

    It says “#
    It works with the carrier of your choice.

    Buy your iPhone from the Apple Online Store and choose your own GSM carrier. You can change carriers at any time.”

    Looks like you may need a Canadian friend.

  • This would make sense in that the iPhone 4 was announced on June 8th. I am doubtful too, but, veeeeery interesting if true.

  • Remember – the iPhone 4 was announced on June 8th, 2010 – so basically they're setting the cutoff to anyone who didn't know there was going to be another iPhone this year. This would be SPECTACULAR Customer Service on Rogers part – which is why I'm even more doubtful of it being correct. Hopeful, but Doubtful.

  • Haha, WHAT? A free bumper case isn't enough for you 😉 Kidding, Kidding (seriously the Band-Aids are much cuter than the Bumpers anyways) 😀

  • Stevenspenst

    Thats what I thought. It says “buy from apple online” on the apple site for the factory unlocked. Apple must be doing a pre order or order launch day for the unlocked version.

  • Bkushner

    like glaciers melting

  • When Rogers/Fido/Telus, etc officially announces thier iPhone Plans (as they can very likely change upon the launch of the new iPhone 4), rest assured all of your options will be covered here at 🙂

  • Bkushner

    they have unlocked 3gs in store, why not 4?

  • Bkushner

    i have $400 in apple giftcards, they better let me buy one in store.

  • Vartanarsen

    they do? so the girl was lying to me i guess

  • Can you not use giftcards online? That's dumb!

  • draz

    Wasn't it on Monday June 7th that the iPhone 4 was announced? >_>

  • ^.^ oops. Yup. Still – My Point Stands. 😉

  • theused

    that would be quite amazing, considering the upgrade policy that currently stands with rogers. I would much rather spend $300 for a version locked to rogers, than 800 for a unlocked version.

  • Kert Gartner

    I just got my iPhone early this year, in January, so I'm guessing there's no way Rogers will let me upgrade, eh? I'd even restart my plan at square one if they let me, but I guess that's not possible? Is my only option to buy a unlocked phone from Apple, and sell my 3GS? How much can I get for this thing? (16GB, Black) Thanks!

  • Still waiting on an official announcement from Rogers so I can start to try to work my charm on CSRs and get my upgrade date changed. When I call they still just tell me that there's no official word on it. We're getting close to it being only a week away and we don't have enough details yet in my opinion.

  • Bkushner

    maybe 350 for it

  • Bkushner

    they are cadillac fairview cards.

  • alexander lefort

    Im actually a rogers sales rep (in toronto) and we just had the launch date confirmed by a higher-up today. The guy who said the June 7 upgrade thing is providing you with false info. the 2 year smartphone policy still stands, at least for our stores. Maybe if you call in you can work something out, but dont count on it.

  • Hyperextension

    Yah, $350 sounds about right. I have my 32GB 3GS on eBay right now, along with my wife's 16GB 3G. I looked around and 32GB 3GS have been selling for around $400-$450. I am hopeful to get around $350 for mine. That will at least cover near half the cost of an unlocked one. Be roughly what I would pay for a locked one from Rogers. Timing is good too as auction ends on July 31. Now I really need to get the phone on launch day, or else will be stuck with a Motorola Razr!! YIKES LOL

  • So.. Rogers is launching the iPhone 4 on July 30th? Do you know if Fido works the same with Rogers?

  • Steve Lam

    don't bother. all of these big carriers talk to each other and set all of the same prices in order to gauge canadians as much as possible

  • Mtlscream

    That would make sense… So all the iPhone at the Apple Store are automatically lock when you insert the sime card….
    And yeah , i didnt see that either… but it's clearly written on the site: When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get it commitment-free…. They didnt say at the Apple retail stores.

    I hope they will start to do some pre-orders online…

  • alexander lefort

    yeah, fido is the same deal, since rogers owns fido. and yes, July 30th. It hasnt been publicly announced yet though, just to us sales representatives so we know what to expect. The announcement would come soon, I would think.

  • owais

    My calculated guess of prices for the iphone 4 in Canada are as follows:

    On a new 3 yr contract the prices should be as follows:
    16GB $ 199
    32GB $ 299

    My guess is based on comparing the price of the 8GB 3GS in US with the same phone in Canada. The price for that is the same $ 99. Therefore based on that the price for the iphone 4 should also be identical to US prices.

    Waiting eagerly for July 30th.

  • owais

    Hi Kert,

    If my information about the upgrade offer to iphone 4 is correct then you should be able to upgrade to iphone 4 as well. the only thing is your 3 yr contract would have to start all over again and i think you said you r ok with that.


  • owais

    Mindfield1: can you please elaborate on that? Did rogers let you renew your contract early to get you the newer 3GS last year before you were actually eligible for upgrade? Did the retention people do that for you or was that an offer to everyone.

    Please share all details such as price, terms and offer.


  • You And You

    any idea how much will be the iphone 4 at apple store ?

  • alexander lefort

    very likely the same as the US prices.

  • owais

    theused: yes that is what the CSR said to me and I asked her again b/c if its 2009 then i wont qualify either. if its June 7th, 2009 then id be out of luck too b/c i got mine on June 11th, 2009. But she sounded like she had taken good notes in the meeting. BTW my source was not the first line Sales agent but my call was forwarded to Customer Relations (Retentions?) and that what they told me.

    The June 7th date has some credibility since that the date when Stev Jobs released the launch of iphone 4 in a press conference.

  • owais

    ChantelleJoy: Actually its spectacular service from Apple. Apple wants to sell more of these than ever before b/c if they sell fewer than they expected then that will snowball for their future releases also. They want to get the fear of Antennagate out of peoples mind and thats how they can do it. For the cellphone companies its also good because they will then be able to retain their customers for 3 more years starting July 30th. Since carrier competition is getting tougher with new entrants in Canada a 3 yr contarct is that much more important to the more expensive carriers like Rogers, Bell and Telus. Its a win-win for both the carriers and apple this way.

    Apple prefers to have long lineups and product sold out and people waiting for the next batch for weeks than to have product available readily on the shelf. Its all about branding and the cool factor.

    I hope that my earlier info is actually accurate and i can get the iphone 4 right away. The Antennagate problem is really not of much concern to me since I planned to get a bumper and screen protector anyway. Now ill be getting the case/bumper free thanks to Apple. Besides the devise will still be under a 1 yr warranty and so if i am still concerned about the signal issue then I can always go to a store and switch to another iphone 4 thats corrected the problem hopefully by then. Otherwise a 30 day moneyback guarantee is always there for you if you absolutely dont like it.

    Goodluck guys!

  • If you buy an iPhone 4 at full price (700 or 800) you can use your current iPhone contract without adding another 3 years to it right? This is for Fido.

  • alexander lefort

    yes. Although I dont think you will be able to buy it outright from fido, because rogers doenst let people do that. But yeah, buying out a phone for full price and then popping the sim in does not renew your contract.

  • pauljmacdonald

    It sucks that we are a little over a week away from launch and no pricing yet! I “registered” at Bell for updates and did not get an email about the release date, so how can I be sure they will email any info on pricing prior to release. What is the point of registering for info if they don't send any?

  • tim

    I wonder what upgrade costs will be from a 3g to the i4?

  • shurcooL`

    First thing. If you're gonna buy iPhone 4 outright, you might as well buy it from Apple Store and get a factory/officially unlocked iPhone 4.

    Second thing. You will need to get a microSIM and transfer your current account to it, so it's not as simple as plopping your old sim card in the new phone. Question is, will Rogers/Fido transfer your account to microSIM without fuss…

  • Whiterhino14

    Yeah. It's bull to keep us in the dark like this. Jobs announced almost a week ago that the launch here is July 30th and even the site still says ” Coming Soon ” Pre orders should have already started and they haven't even announced pre orders yet. It's too quiet and I'm really starting to wonder what kind of numbers Canada is going to see if they are still having major supply issues in the Countries that had their launch over a month ago.

  • rayzor

    It's ironic that you said that because I had my iPhone 3G stolen 2 months ago and I've BEEN living with a crappy Razr ever since because I was waiting for the 4G…now it seems like I could have just bought the 3GS, then upgraded…sigh…

  • alexander lefort

    trasnfering your account to a microsim is a 5 minute process. so it basically IS popping the sim in. go to a rogers/fido store and ask them to do it for you.

  • alexander lefort

    oh, and like I said, rogers doesnt allow you to purchase the iphone outright. So apple is a good option.

  • calliope

    I have a regular phone, but haven't upgraded since about 16 months ago. Had they mentioned anything about people upgrading from regular phones? I think the 2 year thing is balls. I was told by one Rogers that it's just a year from a regular phone to smartphone, then by another one a couple months later thatit's 2 years no matter what. Unless they change that for the iPhone too…

  • Ex

    We considered it, but it is easier if you (as the customer) simply research
    each carrier website and then posted your questions.

  • Ex

    I responded to you earlier.


  • Ex

    Not lying. Misinformed.

  • Ex

    No, the iPhones are locked at Apple Stores during the POS process.

  • Ex

    $199/$299 on contract

  • Ex


  • Ex

    You can buy it outright from Fido, but it will be locked to Fido.

    Also, since Fido is commissioned reps, they will be unwilling to sell it outright.

  • Corey

    hi i have a 3year contract with rogers and i have a iphone 3g. i really want to upgrade the iphone 4 but my question is can i just get all my info from my old sim card and put it on the new sim card for my iphone 4 and restart my plan meaning i just have to pay the price of the iphone 4 3r contract. i got my iphone 4 last christmas
    thanks guys

  • Ex


  • Corey

    kk cool but i was looking on rogers website and it sais to upgrade a phone u must have the contract u already have for 24 months. And one more thing will i have my same phone # if i get the iphone 4

  • Ex

    Yes. To upgrade with Rogers (if you're a Rogers customer), you must have the contract for 24 months.

    You can have the same number.

  • owais

    Calliope: If you currently have a regular phone on a contract then you can upgrade to any phone after 1 year of the contract. You may have to restart your commitment of a 3 yr contract and you will be paying a little higher for the phone than new customers. If they give you a hard time just ask to speak with customer relations or with someone who has more authority to override their system. There is always someone higher up and if your case is “unusual” then they need to take “unusual” measures to resolve the issues.

    FYI: if my source is correct then rogers is letting all iphone owners that owned one before July 7th get the new iphone 4 at the same price as regular customers on a new 3 yr term. I dont work at Rogers or any carrier but that is what i was told by a Customer Relations CSR.

  • RamblingFool?

    I don't doubt this at all. This is HUGE incentive NOT to get the factory unlocked phone from apple, Rogers just sucked you in with a deal, congratulations you are stuck with them 3 more years and a locked phone. Now, my guess is, they may decide all those people with 500 MB contracts when they go to upgrade, sorry 500 MB is not enough we are canceling that feature and putting a new higher capacity dataplan out and you have to pay for at least 1GB cause thats as low of a plan they will have (maybe in preperation for the 4G network), but you can't go to Bell, not unless you unlock your phone illegally. So you have two choices: get the 1GB plan and pay more(Rogers wins) or pay $400 to buyout your contract and lose the use of your locked iPhone. Who would pay $400 + the cost of a new iPhone from another provider just to save $10 a month? Rogers got you, hook, line and sinker. This is all speculation. But Rogers has gotten really greedy over the years so I wouldn't doubt it. If they didn't offer this then everyone who bought a phone July 30 2008 – June 7 2010 would get an unlocked one from Apple and Rogers would lose ALOT of business (rogers may consider the new wind mobile a threat in the future). I don't plan on getting my iPhone tied down for three years, who knows what can happen from now till my contract expires.

  • Corey

    kk so i can just restart my plan and pay for the iphone 4 with a 3yr contract even though i have only had my plan since christmas? Thanks

  • Ex

    Having your plan since December 2009 implies you are less than 2 years into your Rogers contract. So unless Rogers make a last minute policy change, you won't be able to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

  • owais

    tim: if my course was correct then upgrade sots will be the same as for the new customers on 3 yr contract.

    16Gb $ 199
    32GB $ 299

  • Corey

    damn k i could go to like a future shop or something were i got my iphone 3g and talk them into me upgrading

  • Corey

    im sure i can talk them into me upgrading my phone

  • calliope

    I thought it had to be 2 years since your last upgrade, not 2 years since you started on your current contract/plan… I upgraded 16 months ago but have had my contract/current plan since 22 months ago, but Rogers said I couldn't upgrade until next April (24 months since my last upgrade).

  • Ex

    Right. It's 2 years since your last activation/upgrade

  • i think that's where you don't understand everything, rogers would never cancel a feature. I'm work for rogers, and I see people with old 7MB plans for their blackberry's. These plans have been around for 3+ years and nobody is forcing anybody to change them.

    On top of this, data plans are only getting cheaper as time goes on. Those 7MB data plans that i talked about above cost $25 a month. Current in market data plans that have 500MB of data cost $25

    Just though you'd like to know…

  • when arrive to usa?

  • Canadian

    Your kidding right? This is iPhone in CANADA, you don't even have virgin mobile their plus AT&T is the only iPhone provider their. And you guys had the iPhone 4 since June 24 why are you here?


    please virgin mobile hurry AND GET THE IPHONE 4!!!!!!! 

  • aljam21

    is it possible to factory unlock an iphone 4 which is locked to virgin canada?