Voice Dictation Battle: Apple’s Siri vs Microsoft’s Tellme [VIDEO]


A couple days ago we posted about the comments made by a Microsoft executive that Apple’s voice offering in Siri is ‘nothing special’, and that it comes down to ‘good marketing’:

People are infatuated with Apple announcing it. It’s good marketing, but at least as the technological capability you could argue that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced.

You can pick ‘em up and say ‘text Eric’ and say what you wanna say and it transcribes it. You can query anything through Bing by just saying the words. I mean, all that’s already there. Fully functional, been there for a year.

TechAu decided to put Siri (still in beta) versus Tellme to a head to head test, to see what service performs better. Watch the video below, and tell me what you think:


  • Boosted17

    Who won? Lmao

  • Pete

    That’s hilarious! Typical Microsoft response…

  • Oshawapilot

    Lmao! The first one is epic.

  • William’s just too funny what the Windows phone showed when he asked “10 am”..LOL. May be the Windows phone hasn’t been localized for Australia?!?

  • Kevin

    HAHA “create a meeting tomorrow at teen anal”. its a similar feature, but siri is just a vastly superior program.

  • Jdutch

    The first one is hysterical, but you notice the MS phone didn’t understand a single command… yup, that’s Siri functionality alright! Screw off MS, before you embarrass yourselves further!

  • Yes, but the Windows phone displays the frequency response of the sound it can’t understand… Its obviously more advanced!

  • Skip4259

    Obviously the msft exec hadn’t done any test comparison!

  • Jni Knuk

    Some Battle ! A KO in round 1!

  • Anonymous

    Wow Vlingo is way better than that. 

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps TellMe is not too familiar with accents….

  • Auto Strada

    “teen anal” is in reference to what MS employees do in their spare time.

  • Anonymous

    But he’s obviously done a lot of anal :))

  • Auto Strada

    the “teen” kind…


  • KevinR

    Something is up, my windows phone worked fine or better than Siri…

    This guy set it up or it’s not good for Australia.

  • Auto Strada

    Keep in mind, Siri is ONLY a beta at the moment. MS shot themselves in the foot by saying Tellme has been out for a year longer.

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  • Cshudson

    Siri has been around for a while too, just not branded “Apple”

  • zachary

    being the devils advocate 

    keep in mind the commands he is saying are  ‘iPhone Friendly” as in they are advertised by apple as things you can say to Siri  

    but i don have an iP4s and it’s sick phone and Siri is pretty legit. 

  • Anonymous

    The whole point is you don’t need to remember commands, any phrase would be an “iPhone friendly” command. I bet even if you used Microsoft command or android commands Siri would be able to understand it. The technology is truely remarkable!

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  • Wow, Siri owns!

  • Iluv_buttrflys

    Well first of all siri did kill tellme but you have to remember most of Siri was not made by apple. Apple bought Siri from another company awhile back and it was a AppStore app for awhile

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  • maddog

    This comparison doesn’t prove to me what my apple buddies are poking fun at MS about.  I’m not Austrailian, and I had troubles understanding this guy’s words.  Make comparisons on level playing fields!

    My old Samsung non-smart phone of 5 years plus can handle the voice commands that were shown here.  Apple is in no way superior to the competition, unless it is the buyer’s perceived value…

  • Abe

    And what difference does that make? Microsoft bought the TellMe company in 2007 (buying software apps is nothing new to Microsoft, just in case you didn’t know that), so they have had a head start with their voice recognition software, but it sure doesn’t seem to be recognizing voice commands as well as Siri does.
    The whole point is that Microsoft is claiming their software (TellMe) has the same functionality as Apple’s software (Siri). And as we can see in the video it obviously doesn’t. Now it may work better in the US California where it’s made, but that too is neither here nor there.

  • Abe

    You really should get out more if you had “trouble” understanding him.

    But I guess Microsoft did say that TellMe has the same functionality as Siri, and by looking at the video it does. They both listen to speech from the user and try to interpret it. Microsoft never said their program worked as well as Siri. And what happens on your 5 year old Samsung if you ask it “Do I need an umbrella today?”

  • Maddog2

    You’re absolutely right.  I MUST indulge and buy a iDevice so that I can get my hands on Siri.  I mean, I am after all a person who has to have it and will be considered a lower class member of society if I don’t.  Please:  someone point me to the back of the lemming line where I should prepare my wallet so that I can be like you…
    …even though I have no need to use any voice recognition software in the first place…but I MUST have it…

  • Abe

    Firstly, I don’t use Siri, and don’t have Siri, so I’m not the lemming you claim.
    Secondly, I ten take it that the voice recognition software on your five year old Samsung is better than Microsoft TellMe. I guess you made another great point not to get excited about TellMe.

  • Dei

    totally has nothing at all to do with complex factors involving phonetic and phonemic transcriptions in a dialect that probably wasn’t the target. The MS phone’s got an imperfect ability to understand his thick accent. Try doing some more extensive tests with multiple speakers before putting down technology that was a year faster to develop than Siri. Also, was the MS phone his to begin with? It could have learned to recognize another speaker’s voice, and hasn’t yet adapted. Do some real science before jumping to conclusions.