Hands-on: Voicemail Transcription in iOS 10 on the Rogers/Fido Network [u]


Apple’s implementation of Visual Voicemail nearly ten years ago made it easier than ever to listen and manage messages received. With iOS 10, the feature has evolved to now include transcription for your messages.

Transcription Beta will require a Visual Voicemail add-on from your wireless carrier to work. There’s no need to turn on Transcription, it just shows up once you’ve updated to iOS 10.

When someone leaves you a voicemail, you will see the message is transcribing, and when finished, the full text appears, like below on the left:

IMG 0016 IMG 0017

The service, which Apple has labeled as “beta”, asks you to rate the transcription as “useful” or “not useful”, and then submit it to Apple to “improve transcription accuracy”.

We’re subscribed to Visual Voicemail as part of our plan with Fido (we’re on carrier update 25.1). So for those wondering, Transcription Beta works just fine over here, making voicemails just a little bit less painful.

Update: Transcription Beta does not support French.

How is Transcription Beta working out for you?


  • bbousquet

    That feature is not available if your phone’s language is set to French.

  • Potzie2

    I have the Visual Voicemail from Rogers and the Final Public Beta installed. I have 25.1 as my Carrier version but its is not working for me.

  • JB

    Just tried it with my Telus Visual Voicemail on ios 10 and 25.1 carrier, and I don’t see any transcription feature on the VM.

  • BCEd

    I’m at Fido 25.1, iOS 10.0.1 & language set to a English. No luck

  • Jer

    Just tried as well and on luck. I’ve been using visual Voicemail since the iPhone 3G and currently on iOS 10 with carrier 25.1 on iphone 6s plus, no transcribing on any voicemail???

  • Jesse James

    On Telus and works as should.
    Alas… Still voicemail, still annoying.
    Not missing much.

  • Kirk

    I didn’t even know about this. Pretty cool but I haven’t had a chance to try it as yet because no one has left me any voice messages. #NoFriends HaHa I’m kidding

  • Steve

    My transcriptions works ok, having phone numbers to click on to call back is cool. It is a little glitchy sometimes when I click on the message to expands the message it opens and collapses right away.

  • Salinger

    I’m not sure I’m understanding. If you are required to subscribe to visual voice mail from your carrier, which already provides transcription of voice mails, what exactly is this adding to the mix?

  • There was no transcription before with Visual Voicemail. You just tapped to listen to messages. Now, it transcribes the voice into text, so you can read it.

  • tomm

    Gary, did you have to call Fido and ask them to add it to your visual voice mail? It would be easier if I could add it myself online,

  • No, I didn’t do anything. Just checked my Voicemail tab and Transcription Beta appeared. Try a new test voicemail?

  • tomm

    Yes, I did, I called my cell using the Google voice, it showed up as unknown call and nothing about transcription appreared

  • Hmm, try another cellphone and leave a voicemail, does anything show?

  • tomm

    I just got a friend of mine to call my cell, he’s in my Contacts, and he left me voicemail and again on transcription appeared,

  • Timrules

    I’m on Fido and I got nothing, and iOS and Carrier Settings up to date (and yes, I have Visual Voicemail) … iPhone 6 – is it a hardware thing, maybe? Or maybe just previewing it to certain customers?

  • Salinger

    I’ve always had that with Rogers though looking at it, I think it’s Rogers own product, not actual “Visual Voicemail”.

    I get a text of the transcribed voice mail, and an audio file both in my messages so that I can read or listen to my voice mails without ever even having to dial in. It comes as a text from the person who left the voice mail. If I still have to subscribe to that, then I guess this new feature isn’t really adding anything more than I already have.

  • Ah, got it. Never seen that since ditching Rogers ages ago.

  • johnnygoodface

    They also specify: only works if Siri voice is set to English

  • Jonathan Moreau

    with Rogers on latest carrier update, siri is set to english ( American) phone is also in English, i’ve had Visual voicemail since the 3g, Iphone is the 6plus and still no transcription ..

  • It’s only available on the iPhone 6s and later.