Last Chance: Has the 160GB iPod Classic Available for $248


Back in September, Apple killed the iPod Classic (along with the iPhone 4S) as it removed the iconic music player from its website.

The only way to buy one is if you can find remaining stock among retailers (they’re sold out at places like Future Shop and Best Buy) or if you go the eBay/Craigslist/Kijiji route.

But right now, has the black 160GB iPod Classic in stock for $248:

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If you’ve been hunting for one, here’s one of your last chances to buy one from a major retailer online. These might make a worthy addition to your Apple museum if you don’t have one already.

Thanks Darrin


  • Not paying 248$ for some outdated hardware!

  • ????Dennis

    It’s actually a great find. These things are rare to find new. Makes a great stand alone music player. 160gb will hold any music file you will ever own. Cheers Gary!

  • Cheers! Thanks to you guys for sharing these tips with the community.

  • ????Dennis

    Gary, just to confirm. Is this the latest mall Apple sold? I’m buying it for a gift I want to make sure before I order one. Thanks man.

  • ????Dennis


  • ????Dennis

    You’re the man Gary! I owe you more than 1 beer now. Out of stock 😉

  • Not sure to be honest.

  • Whoa that was fast 😉

  • I agree with you about the storage, but the hardware (audio) is getting old. With rumours of Apple launching an high quality music service, I don’t think this hardware will be supported.
    But it’s sad that Apple decided to drop that device.

  • ????Dennis

    After checking out eBay, I figured 1 wasn’t enough ;). What a rare deal to come across. There is a crazy demand for these things worldwide.

  • Shameer Mulji

    This is like owning a piece of history. The iPod is what put Apple on the map in terms of being in the minds of mainstream consumers.

  • Jason Reid


  • ticky13

    Instock again.

  • ticky13

    Thank you for this!! I have a huge music collection that I’d prefer to keep on one device and that is impossible to stream. This will be a great backup for if/when my current Classic dies.

  • Cheers

  • erth

    i have one of these, but the hard drive failed. i have been looking for one but the cost to buy a HD for this classic, is more than the classic itself….

  • ????Dennis

    Damn Walmart! They cancelled my order???? Because I ordered more than 2 they said I’m a reseller????? I wanted to give them as gifts to my nephew and niece…. Btw, Walmart has some horrible customer service for their online orders. Felt like I was talking to a bunch of brain dead teenagers trying to resolve my problem. The 1 rep even went as far to tell me to buy a newer version Ipod instead…. Horrible horrible horrible… Just like the cleanliness of their stores. I’ll stick to Target from now on…

  • Damn…that sucks…they shouldn’t be doing that.

  • Riddlemethis

    I wish the iPods actually had an AM/FM receiver in them.

  • zroc

    You’re shopping at Walmart. Do you really expect quality service? It’s Walmart for god-sakes!