Walmart ‘Scan & Go’ to Expand in Canada, Mobile App Coming Soon


Shopping at Walmart may get easier, as the company plans to expand its ‘Scan & Go’ technology to 20 more locations in Canada on Monday, October 23rd, reports CBC News.

The technology lets customers scan items as they put them into their cart and tallies the total as you shop. Once shopping is complete, customers then pay for the bill at cashiers or self-checkout and bag their own items.

Walmart scan and go Walmart scan and go 2

In the U.S., there is a Scan & Go iOS app, which turns a customer’s iPhone into a scanner and payment processor. Customers get to bypass traditional checkouts, only showing their receipt to “exit greeters.”

Walmart told CBC News the Scan & Go iOS app is planned for Canada, but did not provide a specific launch timeline.

While some applaud the new self-checkout initiative, some critics claim it will eliminate jobs. But Walmart Canada says scan and go is “a customer service initiative” and so far no jobs have been lost.

We’ve reached out to the company for a list of the 20 new locations supporting Scan & Go, and will update this post accordingly. In late September, the company launched Scan & Go at the new Supercentre in Longueuil, Quebec, the province’s first prototype Walmart location.

What do you like when shopping at retail stores? Self-checkout or traditional cashiers? Let us know if your local Walmart has Scan & Go right now.


  • Duff

    So how would this work for items that are priced by weight, like produce or bulk items???

  • Dave

    There’s a scale in produce section. You weight your banana and it print a price sticker with a barcode.

  • Carol

    I use, but don’t particularly like, self checkout. Now we’ll be lining up at a scale in the produce dept to weigh our grapes? This doesn’t sound ideal, and I don’t shop anywhere with the idea that I’ll do all the work.????

  • Sam

    First world problem?
    Note. I never used it. I prefer Apple Pay.

  • Brenda

    I’ve used self- checkout a few times at various places, but have gone back to using checkouts with a cashier. In many cases, it’s faster. I like to be able to put things down, take out my reusable bags and phone and get any loyalty cards, coupons, etc., out too.

    You can’t yet use a phone app for everything. The process is different everywhere. And you need space to put your stuff both before and after you pay. I don’t mind packing my own groceries. Just give me an area I can do it comfortably using two hands and where I won’t be holding up those breezing through with a couple of items.

  • Then you throw a couple more bananas in after the price has been determined. /s

  • Quattro

    It would be good and a time saver if you’re buying a lot of stuff. But having to stop to have your receipt checked could make the process longer for only a couple of items, depending on line-ups.

    Walmart has ALWAYS had the most complex payment process. Far too many steps. I don’t know why they insist on doing things that way. And it sucks that they don’t do tap.

  • Quattro

    Walmart doesn’t use Apple Pay.

  • 3Stacks

    Walmart can’t even add tap-to-pay to their terminals while having some of the worst checkout lines in Canadian retail. And now they jump straight to mobile scan-to-pay. They could care less about the customer experience.

  • GrannySmithBites

    Since Walmart is so far behind the times, specifically no contactless terminals, I shop there far less than I used to. Their attitude is just plain useless. I am sold on the convenience and added security of Apple Pay. You can bet that the app will need a credit card linked, for the payment. How much do YOU trust them keeping your card info secure??

  • Bill___A

    Chip and pin does not give them the card information, it is a token based system. Apple pay is only for smaller purchases. Wal Mart is far from perfect, and there are many reasons people might use to avoid them, but your points are not really valid.

  • Bill___A

    Calgary Co-p tried something like this years ago. They would give you a portable scanner as apps weren’t prevalent. It is no longer in use, I don’t think people found it convenient.

  • GrannySmithBites

    Chip and Pin only provides the tokenization when the physical card is present. Inserting the card into the reader on the payment terminal is the only “safe” way. That will not be the case with the app. The CC info will be stored via the app on Walmart servers, just like an online purchase situation.

    I have no problem with the security aspect of using my Chip and Pin at a Walmart, but Apple Pay is secure and convenient. Sorry, but most of my purchases are under the $100 limit and I stand by my points.

    The only CC I have had cancelled because of a data theft, was a few years ago involving the online Walmart Photocentre.

  • Steve

    Just accept Apple Pay ffs.

  • ticky13

    Or just tap payment in general, ffs.