Walter Isaacson Says Apple is No Longer the Most Innovative Company



In a recent interview with CNBC, Steve Jobs’ biographer and CEO of Aspen Institute Walter Isaacson has said that “Apple is no longer the most innovative of companies”. He continued that although the iPhone maker is still “good at execution”, companies like Google and Amazon are the new leaders. “The innovation in the virtual assistant space, for example, is coming from Google and Amazon, not Apple”, said Isaacson.

“Apple is no longer the most innovative of companies,” Isaacson said on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.” “But they are good at execution.” He’s surprised Apple hasn’t moved it’s virtual assistant Siri into the home. “I use both Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. … Sometimes I let them compete,” said Isaacson. The value of the virtual assistant model isn’t just the hardware, but the potential for an ecosystem of apps, he said.

Apple is expected to release an Amazon-echo inspired smart speaker with Siri and AirPlay capabilities, as early as next month at WWDC 2017. However, Isaacson believes it could be too late for the company to catch up in that space. Instead, the Cupertino giant should look at other areas “that are ripe for innovation”.

Isaacson said, “You could have a great company — and Apple is a great company — without having really a next big thing”, but it isn’t in Apple’s DNA to be that way.


  • Riddlemethis

    In other news, Trump is an imbecile

  • Mark Holoubek

    Isaacson totally shanked the Steve Jobs biography. “Being Steve Jobs” far superior.

  • Tim

    Walter speaks the truth unfortunately. They retain my phone loyalty because of the iOS user experience vs Android. Having tried to make the switch to the latter, I can still say that Android still isn’t clean or painless enough for my day to day mobile use. For all of my other electronics (laptop, desktop, etc.) I go elsewhere.

  • Riddlemethis

    And scientist speak the truth that water is wet. This is nothing new.

    However, there is a glimmer of hope that might “slightly” change with the iPhone 8. In any event, Samsung arguably is the most innovative in terms of smart phones but they simply can’t get their hardware to play well like Apple can with it’s software.