Watch Free Movies on YouTube from your iPhone


For those unaware, free movies are available on your iPhone by visiting The page isn’t optimized for the iPhone, but once you play any movie it’ll go full screen and work fine.

Today Google announced on their YouTube blog that movie rentals will be available to the US–but not Canada. The existing site does have a variety of independent films and older classics, so it’s worth checking out. Don’t expect big blockbusters but some of the titles look like they are straight from the ‘Walmart DVD bin’. They are free, and definitely would help pass the time if you’re bored.

Here’s are some ‘new releases’ on the Canadian version of the site:

…and here’s a premium movie US viewers can rent:

This is what US viewers will see...premium titles available for rent

Looks like Netflix has a new rival in town. With cloud streaming of movies gaining in popularity, your DVD library could soon be a thing of the past.

[YouTube Global Blog]


  • IRa

    Why on earth would they bother having such a brutal line up? And people complain about Canadian Netflix!
    Talk about a waste of time

  • MrAnonymous

    And I thought was a POS. This takes the cake.

  • Fastrace24

    I wish somebody would do this right and provide some strong competition in this market. Perhaps Netflix would get on top of better Canadian selection. I like Netflix and I’m a subscriber, but I’d really like to see their corporate-types hurry up on the licensing agreements with more TV networks in the US and more film companies… Mainly, CBS. There’s a largely unexploited Canadian market out there for the taking; Just look at how some smaller cell phone providers are breaking in with competitive prices and plans.

  • mrsco

    This doesn’t work on mobile devices. Have you even tried it?! just says “video cannot be played on mobile”. Do some research!

  • Works here on our tests. Seems like your iPhone needs a repair.

  • Ali

    It’s not working.

  • Ali

    This has nothing -absolutely nothing- to do with a faulty iPhone. This site doesn’t work for me too, it shows the “you need to have Flash player” message on a black screen.

    You guys should really double check these things.

  • Ex

    Just tried it. No errors for me.

    Plays just like regular YouTube.