Watch Google’s Pixel Event Live Stream Here [VIDEO]


Apple unveiled iPhone 7 in September, and now it’s Google’s turn to announce new smartphones, which have already leaked en masse.

The Pixel and Pixel XL are Google-branded hardware (which look similar to iPhones), in what appears to be Google’s attempt to sell their own Android-based phones, again.

The Google Pixel Event live stream can be seen below, and starts at 9am PDT/12pm EDT in San Francisco:

Google is also expected to announce two smartphones, a Daydream VR headset, home-related announcements and more.


  • swotam

    Welp, that Pixel phone sure looks like it took some design cues from Jony Ive…

  • FragilityG4

    This phone might be good if it didn’t run Android hahaha

  • pc

    Omg, 128 gb Pixel XL is $1179!

  • Lol, same price as iPhone 7 Plus

  • swotam

    I know right? I thought one of the arguments for Android devices was that they were cheaper, and that the iPhone was a “premium” device for techno-snob?

    I guess if you want an iPhone that runs Android, Pixel is the device for you. Curious to see how this plays out for them, pricing yourself at the exact same point as the iPhone suggests you’ve created a piece of hardware that is equal to, or better than, the iPhone. That’s a high bar to cross.

  • How to justify $1179? Google Assistant? At least they get unlimited full resolution pictures and videos…maybe you’re just paying for that upfront!

  • swotam

    Unlimited photo storage is a good deal, provided that you’re ok with Google scanning through all the metadata on every photo you take. Perhaps this will motivate Apple to increase the amount of free storage in iCloud, or to provide free photo storage in iCloud Photo Library.

    I have issues with Google knowing “everything” about me, especially when their business model revolves around using my info stored in their free services to target ads at me, and who knows what else.

    Given a choice between Apple, a company who doesn’t make money off my data, and Google, a company that makes the majority of their money from their use of my data, I’d pick Apple every time. If that means I need to pay a few dollars a month to store my pictures in iCloud, that’s OK with me.