Watch Live Toronto Raptors Games via the Rogers Live App

Rogers announced this morning customers can now watch live streaming Toronto Raptors games on their smartphones and home computers. For Rogers iPhone customers, just download the free Rogers live app, pay $5/month and you will be able to watch streaming games over 3G/4G and WiFi:

On your smartphone: Rogers wireless customers across the country can check out all the rim rocking dunks with the Rogers Live app for only $5 per month. Using your smartphone, visit the app store for your device to download the Rogers Live app.


The Rogers Redboard is also holding a contest to give away two signed Raptors jerseys–all you need to do is leave a comment on their post.

Anyone going to subscribe to live Raptors games via this app? Unfortunately non-Rogers customers are shut out from this, but you could say the same for Bell’s mobile TV offerings.

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  • $5 a month? Does that also include the data used to stream the event?

  • Anonymous

    Slingplayer is a one time fee, which I prefer over this. 

  • Anonymous

    Now if only they had something like this for the Leafs. Id pay 5 per month to watch the leafs lose

  • It requires you to have hardware, though: A SlingBox AND a TV source to plug into it. And for mobile streaming, you need a $30 app ($60 if you want both iPhone and iPad). It’s a pretty big investment. That said, I do find these $5/5 hours of live content deals (both Rogers’ and Bell’s) to be a pretty blatant cash-grab.