Watch Samsung’s Latest Super Bowl Ad Teaser Mocking iPhone Users [VIDEO]


We have previously seen Samsung’s ads mocking Apple users waiting in line for the iPhone. The South Korean giant has now released a teaser trailer leading up to their upcoming Super Bowl ad this Sunday. The video showcases the upcoming and monstrous-sized Galaxy Note.

Check it out below:

“Is that a Galaxy Note in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

[via iClarified]


  • Thefrazethatpays

    I think it’s funny mocking iPhone user for waiting while the end of commercials says you’re going to wait for the phone. Lol

  • Dan

    If Samsung had a better phone, there might just be a lineup for that too.

  • iGuy

    Samsung has way better phones, and I’ve been an iPhone user ever since they came to Canada. Just can’t wait for my contract to expire so I can get away from iPhone. The App Store used to be enough to keep me faithful but Android is catching up fast in that department. Besides they have way better hardware and tech inside their phones.

  • Marc

    I’m not sure how highlighting people’s loyalty to your competition’s product is a constructive sales pitch. Mocking these people just brings attention to the fact that apple has rabid users for their products and Samsung doesn’t… how does that make Samsung’s product more worth buying? Kind of lame.

  • Android hardware specs are definitely impressive. But the lame part is how Android OS is limited to your hardware, unlike iOS. That can make or break the life cycle of your smartphone.

  • Ron

    That huge screen puts our outdated tiny iPhone 4S to shame.  LOL

  • Mike

    Apple just has a bunch of loyal fan boys that will only buy Apple products no matter how inferior they are.  Just look at that big ass screen and the hardware specs are amazing.  Yet the iPhone is still rocking the puny 3.5″ screen likes it’s still 2007. 

  • Anonymous

    I personally thing screen size is overrated. All the crap in my pocket is already to much…..and now having a 5inch+ phone in my pocket,…no thanks. 

  • Anonymous

    If I want to get from A-Z I rather drive a civic on a empty highway then a Ferrari stuck in rush hour. If you get my drift

  • I don’t want a 5.3″ phone! Even they don’t know if they want to call it a phone or a tablet! My pockets aren’t big enough for a phone that big! It’s as silly as those people that made iPad pockets. I also don’t want to use a stylus like an old school Palm phone, but to each their own I guess, some people might want that, but not me! (I would like a bigger screened iPhone, but even some of the bigger phones in the 4.7″ range are too big for my liking) get a tablet if you want a giant screen, you look ridiculous holding a tablet to your ear.)

  • The next iPhone screen needs to be Dell Streak sized or bust!

  • dkishome

    It’s a phone people..,

  • iGuy

     Can you elaborate on what you mean, please?

  • Darthrez

    why not carry a laptop in your pocket if screen size is everything? At the end of the day it’s a phone! If I want to do serious photo editing or word processing I wouldn’t be doing it on a phone. Seems like Samsung releases a new Galaxy product every 2 months

  • Kraken

    Screen size isn’t everything, but we can all agree that 3.5″ is tiny by today’s standards.  The Samsung note obviously wasn’t meant for serious work.  It’s a median between a tablet and a phone, so you don’t have to carry two devices.

  • Kraken

    Just wear cargo pants.  Problem solved 🙂

  • For Android users that want Ice Cream Sandwich, you will need the latest Android device to get the firmware. Samsung recently told users ICS won’t be available for all of their devices.

  • Adfadslkj

    meaning, Android doesn’t push OS updates on all devices, lots will be stuck on 2.3……whereas apple will push OS updates for usually 3 years from the launch of that device. For example 3GS can be ugraded to 5.0.1, but it’s likely to see any updates after the 5.2 or 5.3…iphone 3G has stopped being updated (but you can install whited00r which brings some features over, and jailbreak to install tweaks that bring some  features too. but you can do this on android too and install custom roms…..the point here is, it’d be nice to see your manufacturer pushing updates to your device for several years.)