Weather Tops the List of Most-Used Apps in Canada



Ipsos conducted an online survey to find out what kinds of apps people regularly use. The survey had more than 19,000 respondents in 27 countries.

Weather app topped the Canadian polls with over 47 percent of votes, eight percent above the global average. To compare, only 22 percent of users in Saudi Arabia use a weather app frequently but in South Africa, 56 percent of users pulled up a weather app more often.

The Canadian polls also showed about 33 percent of users regularly use a banking app and about 25 percent used music and news apps more often. Canadians were tied for third-lat globally when it came to reading the news through an app.

Forty-two percent of Canadian respondents said they were not big app users at all and they don’t use any of the eight types of apps that researchers asked them about.

On Friday, another poll was conducted by Harris-Decima for Rogers, which says almost half of all Canadians have their mobile device within arms reach 24/7.

[via Metro News]


  • What kind of app types were they asking about? I find it crazy that almost half of the people that buy an iPhone wouldn’t do anything other than texting and making phone calls on it. Why get an iPhone?

    Wait, scratch that. Just found the list after a fair amount of digging. Instant messaging is one of the categories in the list, so those people aren’t even texting. What are people buying smartphones for?

    I’m not sure about these stats. The report is unclear and I think the news sites are misreporting the info. Or maybe I’m just reading the news articles wrong.

  • Nick

    Some of the other app categories included: news, weather, banking. Keep in mind the survey was done on a limited number of people.

  • I know it was done on a limited number of people, but the point of these surveys is to try and get a large enough cross-section that it represents the country as a whole. Even if the true number were closer to 30%, that’s still a huge percentage of people that don’t use their phone for a lot of things. The full list I found included weather, games, social networking, maps & navigation, instant messaging, entertainment, music & audio, search engine, news (net), sports and books. That covers pretty much everything except photography, which oddly wasn’t on the list. However, that’s also a list of 11 items, not 8, which leads me back to wondering if the reporters are confused about the article and if these stats aren’t correct after all.

  • Nick

    I agree. They should have posted their original source.