Share: Launches North America’s First QR-Code Virtual Store in Toronto


Just the other day we mentioned the QR-code virtual store phenomenon happening in South Korea. Now it appears that trend could take off in Canada as has launched North America’s first QR-code virtual store in a downtown Toronto. The store’s location is at Brookfield Place, one of the entrances to Union Station.

By downloading the free iPhone app, users then scan QR-codes of the products they wish to purchase, click on checkout, and all items are then magically delivered free to your home, as fast as next day service. Don’t want to bother with the QR-code? You can also virtual shop at and have free shipping too.


The pop-up virtual store will be running from April 2-30th, and will feature many household brand items from the Procter & Gamble Canada family, such as diapers, laundry detergent, and more.

It will be interesting to see how many people try this out, as QR-code adoption is quite limited according to Solutions Research Group. Their stats reveal only 20 per cent of Canadian smartphone owners use them with the majority being males under 30 years old.

Anyone try this out yet? Let us know how it goes for you!


  • Cool idea. This is honestly the first implementation of QR codes that seems useful or even interesting (and practical… sort of). I certainly have nothing but good to say about I don’t order from them often, but it’s always such a hassle free experience and ridiculously quick shipping.

  • Laserheart

    How is this different than shopping online?  I’m confused…

  • Jon

    When on the street you aren’t online shopping. This puts it in your face. You can see the product in person and buy it right away,no lines, no bags, no carrying anything and you get it the next day.

    Online shopping requires you to be at home and wanting to shop (and it certainly isn’t for P&G brand stuff!). You don’t see the product in person either.

  • Kevin Ross

    Looks like an automated version of Consumers Distributing !!!  Anyone remember the Consumers Distributing model ?

  • Marsdust

    Yes, I do and you are right, it feels like a virtual CD.  I shop at online all the time, and I am going to check this out.  What a neat idea! 

  • Marsdust

    Totally agree, they are the best!