What Are Your Thoughts on iOS 7? [POLL]


Today iOS 7 got the most attention from WWDC 2013, the biggest overhaul of the mobile operating system since the debut of the original iPhone. There has been mixed reaction to the new design–now it’s time to have your say by voting in our poll below: What do you think of iOS 7?

If you can’t see the poll, you’ll have to visit the site to vote.


As more developers install iOS 7 beta, expect to hear more about the operating system in the next 24-48 hours.


  • f1ght3r

    The absence of a quick reply feature will leave me to stay on my jailbroken 6.1.2

  • einsteinbqat

    I like what I saw on the video, but will need to see it in real life.

  • Kumar

    iOS7 = iOS6 + Features from other platforms and Apps that’s all I can say today maybe there will be a revolutionary thing coming along with The next iPhone πŸ™‚

    Honest opinion Android is much more Advanced and more innovative

  • Flaxx

    I was so excited about in-line functions for notifications in OSX Mavrick and thought it would be in iOS 7 for sure taking one of my favorite features of Android 4.2. Alas, it doesn’t look like its in iOS 7 and that is a real disappointment. Maybe 7.1? πŸ™

  • Flaxx

    As a developer, under the hood it’s completely the opposite of what you say. As a user, the fluidity of iOS whilst adding features is what’s most important. Android has a lot of things going for it but it definitely doesn’t feel refined (I owned a Nexus 7 for several months). If you’re a tinkerer, go for Android. If you want things to be buttery smooth and consistent, go with IOS. It’s the same kind of thing when talking Linux vs Windows. I use both.

  • Flaxx

    Commenting on this site using an iPhone is such a pain! You can’t scroll to a word without clicking done and then doing it and it gets very glitchy with long messages. Maybe not this site but rather Disqus but man is it such an interface screw up!

  • Kumar

    Agreed and I am an aggressive user of both platforms, when it comes to Tablets iOS / ipad still stays on top and best user experience… No questions asked. When it comes to Smartphone OS and the choices you have with Android is Amazing and the User experience with JB Is truely Awesome and look at today’s JB and how many Advanced functions it has compared to iOS.. Again I am not here to against Apple I am believer in Technology stuff and in have topnotch bottom respect for Apple… Its just that iOS7 has not wowed me being an aggressive user of all these devices these days… Hope you got my point… I am Sure iOS7 on an ipad will be more awesome and usable once it comes out.. Lost hope on a ground breaking iPhone… That’s all i wanted to Say…

  • Sorry about that, it is Disqus and their responsive interface acting up.

  • warpdrive

    I love the new design of the site, been here since the beginning…. but the add banner at the bottom of the screen on iOS is driving me crazy. Today, by the end of reading on the site I had Swiss Challet’s site open 4 times on me. Don’t mind adds but that bottom one is the devil….

  • Al

    Not overly thrilled. I am pleased that I actually like the cleaner interface. I was considered it was going to be flat icons and such, like Windows 8 and the latest Office. But not so. Much cooler.

    Multitasking changes is more or less smoke and mirrors to what already existed.
    Integration with cars was announced 2 years ago, so….? But this time, Toyota was not included (boooo … maybe the following year?).

    Sharing pictures and such with others in the room only working on iPhone 5 is a disappointment. Plus, if I heard correctly, it only works with WiFi.

    The pop-up control thingy is a nice little feature, although my interest is what lies below the top row of buttons. I know many were screaming for the top row of functions, but I think that’s silly to fuss over those things.

    Overall, I’m underwhelmed.

  • f1ght3r

    Android > iOS; but Jailbroken iOS > Android

  • djepsilon

    People LOVE to judge a book by its cover. I honestly think many minds will be changed once they get their hands on it. It looks like it will be very fluid for users.

    Overall according to the survey, most people seem to be impressed with what Apple has released. IMO, this is exactly the update Apple needed to put out to refresh a stagnant OS. And people also forget that there will be new, extra features when the next iPhone is released.

  • Olley

    I like the control centre where wif Bluetooth and other stuff can be quickly switched on and off in two steps. I have a sound bar with Bluetooth connectivity but the current way of turning it on has been a major turn-off. I’m sure this is a change for the better!

  • xxxJDxxx

    couldn’t agree more

  • artikas

    That’s what the “x” to the right of the ad is for πŸ˜‰

  • warpdrive

    Yes…. But to have to hit it every time I read the next article is ridiculous. And… many of the times I go to hit said “little x” I miss and open the ad’s site anyway.

  • ryanrobert

    Like it so far. Battery performance is weak but that is to be expected with Beta software. I’ll have to make sure I have a charger close by at all times.

  • bob

    Samsung galaxy s4>iphone

  • Al

    Nobody is “judging a book by its cover”. We were SHOWN the contents! It is clear that this update is more about design and less about features. It’s a nice update. The design changes are cool. But if you strip that away, you’re not left with much. I think the audience reactions during the presentation was more “complimentary” than “excited” (except for the slide up control thingy – which was more favored).

  • What were you expecting from Apple?

  • Omac

    My battery life has been quite poor so far and having probs with podcast app

  • cjshred

    im wondering why there is no quick reply for texts πŸ™ sadface

  • Ritchie

    watch the keynote! it creates a peer-to-peer wifi connection no router necessary!

  • ritchie

    super annoying, i agree!

  • Jason

    I thought I was alone in this area. Im constantly watching what i do on the phone and the Battery is Horrible. I find i turn off LTE often and even my entire DATA connection just to go a day where my phone wont die. With Podcasts, since the update its been nothing but problems. Wifi downloads work half of the time.

  • Paul

    Going on just looks it reminds me of a gas spill, not a fan.

  • Al

    Man, you’ve been publishing stories all the time of such things. Off the top of my head, here’s a few I’d like to see…

    TRUE multi-tasking ; NFC* ; fingerprint access* ; improved (broadened) auto-complete ; iMessage is still a bit glitchey ; expanded keyboard for easier input of complex passwords ; less stubborn iCloud sync (also applies to PC version) ; easier customization & integration of Siri (instead of trying to remember what specific phrase to say each time when wanting to change from the default app being queried – ex: returning a result with Google maps instead of Apple maps) ; related to the previous point – customization of defaults for the device in general ; expanded copy & paste (ex; copy 2 items (like login name & password from my password app) – note that this could also be solved through TRUE multi-tasking with split screen, improved integration between apps (where reasonable and practical)…..

    * Yes, a couple of these items are also hardware-related, but the indications they will be available with the next i-Device would presumably be found in the OS.

  • ryanrobert

    Welcome to Beta 1!! It should get better and historically a Beta 2 is released soon after Beta 1. I’m not having any other problems except for the battery life. I’m at a desk most of the day so I can plug in my phone when necessary but others aren’t as lucky.

  • Yep!

  • Al

    I watched that segment twice and missed that as being an actual “thing”. I had just assumed he was referring to multiple people on the same home (or whatever) Wi-Fi. I had to research what peer-to-peer Wi-Fi was before I actually “got it”. Thanks for the clarification.

  • ryanrobert

    I completely killed my phone with moderately heavy usage (ie. 100% to 0% in about 8 hours this morning. Charged to 100% and the battery life appears to be better already. Only time will tell if it holds true or if I’m dreaming.

  • Guest

    Interesting that 50% of the responses are either negative or on the fence.

  • Al

    Overall according to the survey, 50% of the responses are either negative or on the fence.

  • Remember that this is a PREVIEW of the OS. It’s only in beta at the moment. The OS will be released in full in the fall, likely along with a new iPhone model (if Apple follows the same pattern they have the last few years), and there’s nothing stopping them from announcing new features at that point. This happened before with Siri I believe. Siri was announced with the iPhone 4S launch, not the iOS 5 preview, because it only worked with the 4S.

    The new screen orientation was announced along with the iPhone 5, not at the iOS 6 previews. Features such as NFC and fingerprint access would be announced along with a new phone launch, not during the iOS preview.

    Not sure what you mean about expanded keyboard support. Are there characters you can’t access at the moment? Also, the iCloud Password thing should help with complex passwords.

    Don’t know what you mean about stubborn iCloud sync.

    …and TRUE multitasking would be a battery drain, so I can understand why Apple is trying to find compromises there. Is there really enough room on an iPhone screen to run split-screen?

  • Al

    They are handing this preview to developers. This means that they are more info “fix” mode, than “last minute features to come” mode. The latter would seriously upset developers because pending new features could potentially break what they are working on.

    Also, they would upset developers if they didn’t prepare them now for capabilities to be found in the next devices.

    Code for things such as fingerprint scanning and NFC would already need to be in the OS. Developers would need to know this in advance to prepare for that sort of functionality.

    A complex password involves alpha-numeric characters and symbols. That currently means jumping back & fourth between 3 different keyboard screens. A special “view all” screen for entering passwords would keep in line of the basic Apple philosophy of ease of use.

    iCloud sync doesn’t always work… from phone to cloud and from cloud to PC.

    True multitasking should be a choice. The apps don’t have to be side-by-side 50-50. To even slide active apps part way off the screen instead of the current process of switching would be nice. For example, my password program requires me to log in each time I access the screen – so I copy and paste the user name, open the app with the login, paste that in, then go back to the password app, enter its PIN, copy and paste the password, go back to the app with the log in, and past that in … this is just TOO MUCH.

  • I understand what you mean about preparing developers for future capabilities, and I do agree that would be nice of them to do, but I’m just saying that Apple has historically been extremely secretive about new hardware, even if it makes life difficult for developers.

    It would have been nice for developers to know about a different screen resolution before things changed, but Apple didn’t announce those changes until they announced the new iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 hardware (and in the latter case, only gave developers a 1-week head start on app development). If Apple had announced NFC or fingerprint security now, word would get out that the next iPhone will have those features, and then iPhone sales would drop for three months. They’re not going to reveal any features that would give away hints towards unannounced hardware. And Siri wasn’t in any of the iOS preview betas, so Apple isn’t foreign to adding surprise features before launch.

    Regarding the keyboard, I’m not sure where all of those keys would be on the screen. They’d either have to be really tiny or they’d have to take up the whole screen, and you wouldn’t be able to see what you’re typing. Personally I think the keys are about as small as they can be without being annoying.

    Regarding iCloud sync not working, I haven’t encountered that myself, and regardless of how widespread that issue is, they’re not likely to list a fix like that as a “feature” during the iOS launch. Just because they didn’t talk about it doesn’t mean they haven’t worked on it.

    I get the frustration of switching back-and-forth between apps, but I think that’s perhaps a niche problem. Whenever I’m working on things that require a lot of cut-and-paste, I typically move to my computer.

    I use password software as well, so I get that frustration, but again, Apple is trying to solve that specific problem by introducing built-in iCloud password storage, so that you won’t have to do that anymore. Also, do you really have usernames that you need to copy? I find I only have to copy my password and I can typically remember my username.

  • Al

    Not sure where you’re getting your info on regarding lack of advance knowledge given to developers.
    The proof is often in the developer side of the OS about future technology. If they don’t announce it, it will be found out.
    Re: keyboard – you lack vision. An expanded keyboard to almost fill the screen, and a field for a password. This is what can replace the current centre-of-the-screen field and default keyboard.
    Maps is a fix – no?
    Move to your computer??? I’m talking about having to work in apps!
    Usernames sometimes vary – so I can’t remember what username goes with what website, or bank account, or whatever. Sometimes it’s an e-mail address. lots of pain in the butt typing. Needs to be easier.

  • Regarding the lack of advance knowledge to developers, you gave me doubt, so I scoured the internet to make sure I wasn’t making things up in my head. Here’s what I found:

    – April 8, 2010: Apple previews iOS 4 to developers. No mention of retina display.
    – June 7, 2010: Apple unveils iPhone 5 at WWDC with retina display, which releases 17 days later on June 24.

    – June 6th, 2011: Apple previews iOS 5 at WWDC and releases developer beta. Not a word about Siri.
    – October 4th, 2011: Apple announces Siri (part of iOS) when they unveil the iPhone 4S, which releases only 10 days later on October 14th.
    (Granted, Siri didn’t come with APIs, which didn’t really affect developers, but I could see Apple releasing a phone with NFC or fingerprint scanning that doesn’t have developer APIs on launch, especially if it means they get to keep those features under wraps.)

    – June 11, 2012: Apple previews iOS 6 at WWDC and releases developer beta. Not a word about a taller screen.
    – September 12, 2012: Apple announces the iPhone 5, with a taller screen, which releases 9 days later on September 21st.

    With both screen resolution changes, developers needed to modify their apps to be fully compatible with the new phones. With the short notice, this meant few apps would be ready in time for the phone’s launch dates, but Apple didn’t seem to care too much and favoured keeping the new features a secret instead.

  • Regarding the other points:
    – The keyboard I’m still not quite sure what you’re getting at, I could see it maybe working on the iPad, but not on the iPhone. But no worries, maybe I’m just not on the same page as you are.
    – Good point about Maps, however that was a very public “whoops” that Apple made and had previously publicly apologized for, so it makes sense that they would mention improvement in that area. As far as I know, Apple hasn’t acknowledged or apologized for iCloud sync errors. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening, it just means it’s something they obviously don’t want to draw attention to.
    – The last couple things, yeah I guess I’m only thinking about my own workflow. I can see how other workflows could require an easier copy-and-paste method.

    By the way, I get what you mean about how annoying it is to type in an email address all the time. I ended up making a keyboard shortcut for my email address. Now all I have to do (in most cases) is type a three-character combo and press the next button and it puts in my email address for me. Saves a lot of time! Unfortunately there are a few apps that don’t allow keyboard shortcuts in their email fields, but it’s really nice for the places it does work in. πŸ™‚

  • djepsilon

    Wha? But almost 50% say they love it… and 30% say they want to try it first (which I don’t see being negative at all or being “on the fence”).

  • Al

    50% is NOT most people.
    Wanting to try it before deciding means they are unsure… a.k.a. “on the fence”.