Here’s a List of Improvements Expected in the iPhone 6s Camera


With new iPhones just around the corner, all sorts of rumours, reports and interesting speculations are pouring in regarding what to expect from the upcoming smartphones. The biggest expectation of them all however is from the iSight camera, with some analysts claiming that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will bring the most significant camera update in at least two years.


(Shot on iPhone 6)

Photographer Austin Mann has today put up a lengthy blog post, discussing what is expected from the cameras of next generation iPhones. He is certain that the camera upgrades will be substantial, and regardless of the features, he believes that this will be the year when the iPhone becomes widely regarded as “one of the best pro imaging tools out there”.

Here are some of the main improvements expected in the iPhone 6s camera:

  • 4K video capability
  • 12 megapixel photos
  • Force Touch quick camera access
  • Faster processor
  • Moderate low-light improvements
  • Faster burst mode
  • Camera/Siri integration
  • Better photo-to-print integration

The photographer doesn’t expect any optical zoom or any improvement in slow-mo. To read in more detail about each feature, hit up the source


  • That doesn’t sound like a hugely significant update. In my opinion, the introduction of focus pixels and optical image stabilization in the iPhone 6 was a more significant improvement. I guess the images will speak for themselves though.

    4K video would be a nice option but I imagine it’ll eat up storage space like crazy.

  • Gustavo Nunes

    I agree with u. I saw, in my opinion, that the only significant update in iPhone 6s it’s on the camera. Of course that the processor is it better than iPhone 6/Plus but nothing the can cause the shot.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Maybe this will be the generation Apple finally ditches the 16GB model?

  • Ronin

    It’s been stated somewhere that there will be no 16GB version. it will start at 32GB. With 4K video, hopefully there will be a 256GB option. I also hope the enable a functional NFC, as of right now it’s limited to Apple Pay only.

  • Anon

    The “S” version of the iPhone is never a significant update. It’s always just a performance update with minor camera improvements, nothing more.

  • I disagree. The S versions are just as substantial upgrades in terms of performance and camera improvements, even the 5S added a fingerprint sensor which was a brand new hardware feature. The only thing they don’t upgrade for the S models is form factor, which I would personally consider a minor upgrade as it doesn’t allow the phone to do more than it did before, contrary to performance and feature upgrades.

  • Take a look at the iPhone 4 to 4S, which upgraded:
    – Internal storage options from 32GB to 64GB
    – Processor from A4 chip to A5
    – Camera resolution upgraded from 5MP to 8MP
    – Video resolution upgraded from 720p to 1080p

    A year later, going from the 4S to the 5 left the storage capacity the same, the camera resolution the same (although the camera was a little better), and the video resolution the same. There were upgrades in other areas, but a lot of things remained the same.

    Similarly, when the 3GS was added it increased storage capacity, greatly improved the processor speed, increased the camera resolution, and added video recording capability which wasn’t there before.