What You Need to Know About the iPhone 5s/5c Launch in Canada


Apple is set to launch the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c tomorrow in Canada and first wave countries worldwide (Australia iPhone 5s/5c sales are now live). Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know to prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Where time do iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales start?

  • Unlocked iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units can be purchased at Apple Stores on Friday, September 20 at 8AM local time. Line ups are already underway across Canada.
  • Unlocked iPhone 5s orders started tonight at 12:01AM PDT / 3:01AM EDT. Your best bet is to use the Apple Store iOS app and bypass Apple’s website as it will be very busy. Don’t forget to turn on Express Checkout NOW!
  • Rogers, TELUS and Bell (along with Fido, Koodo and Virgin) will sell the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Along with dealers, most will open their doors at 8AM local time for the launch.

When should I line up outside an Apple Store?

Where else can I buy my iPhone 5s/5c from other than Apple?

Rogers 2-Year Term Pricing

  • iPhone 5c: 16GB for $129.99; 32GB for $229.99
  • iPhone 5c No Term: 16GB for $599; 32GB for $719
  • iPhone 5s: 16GB for $229.99; 32GB for $329.99; 64GB for $439.99
  • iPhone 5s No Term: 16GB for $719; 32GB for $819; 64GB for $919

Bell 2-Year Term Pricing

  • iPhone 5c: 16GB for $129.95; 32GB for $229.95
  • iPhone 5c No Term: 16GB for $619.95; 32GB for $729.95
  • iPhone 5s: 16GB for $229.95; 32GB for $329.95; 64GB for $439.95
  • iPhone 5s No Term: 16GB for $729.95; 32GB for $839.95; 64GB for $959.95

TELUS 2-Year Term Pricing (unofficial; assuming they will match Rogers and Bell)

  • iPhone 5c: 16GB for $129; 32GB for $229
  • iPhone 5c No Term: 16GB for $599; 32GB for $719

Unlocked iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c pricing from

  • iPhone 5s: 16GB for $719; 32GB for $819; 64GB for $919
  • iPhone 5c: 16GB for $599; 32GB for $699

How long will an iPhone 5s online order take to arrive?

Will the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Work with AWS Networks like WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, etc?

Did we miss anything? Good luck acquiring your iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c tomorrow!


  • Fraser

    FYI Wireless Etc in Costco in the Okanagan does not carry ANY Apple products.

  • macmurray

    I thought Costco stopped carrying Apple products completely quite some time ago (years?).

  • John

    Any word for a big data plan (eg. 6GB/mo.) to go with the launch?

  • Michael Durech

    Costco stopped carrying Apple Products back on December 24, 2010…

  • Jamie

    Anyone know if the carrier websites will sell the 5s?

  • David

    Can you change purchase quantity to two in the IOS App when Express checkout is enabled?

  • BackorderForMe

    Carriers barely got a handfull of 5S.

  • Thanks, updated. Thought we saw iPhones at the kiosk a while back.

  • BW

    So we here in Canada will be able to order iphone 5s online at 3am EST? From previous reports they were saying we would have to go to the store to get it. Canada would not be allowing orders on the Apple Store. Is this true or is the 3am order time valid for Online purchases?

  • Did you read our post above? 3AM EDT for online orders from

  • I believe so?

  • BW

    thanks Gary. Just making sure. Like I said there were rumours that we could not order online for the 5s.

    You have any idea on shipping time if order tonight?

  • John

    Are we able to order a iphone 5s online at rogers site tonight? Using the device registration option?

  • Als

    Does anyone who when the telus website will allow 5s orders?

  • Expecting it to either go live at 12:01AM PDT/3:01AM EDT like iPhone 5c pre-orders, or 8am tomorrow local time.

  • Wuju

    Heard that they don’t have gold 16G at the upper canada mall. They didn’t get it for launch

  • bspence88

    Ordered my 2 Gold iPhone 5S’s. Also hoping to pick one up in line. Fingers crossed!

  • Good luck

  • kevin

    looks like most stores won’t have gold or very limited..

  • Iphone crazy!

    Any updates on how the line ups are like

  • Als

    Sweet thanks Gary

  • Live now btw if you haven’t already noticed

  • Nick

    7 people in line at Uptown Future Shop victoria

  • avonord

    Lined up. iPhone 5s in hand. Then Rogers would not allow the upgrade because I’m one day short from being one year (upgraded to iPhone 5 on launch day sep 21 2012). No exception. Shocked. Disappointed. Rogers FAIL.

  • Let us know how many iPhone 5s they have in stock!

  • Oh wow. Can’t buy out the contract?

  • Nick

    Too late, didn’t find out.. But there really wasn’t a big line and they seemed to be well supplied.. I’m sure people could go there now and get one.

  • avonord

    Not at bestbuy. But either way, I was looking for an in-contract upgrade. Lined up for couple hours. On the phone with Rogers for 1 hour, transferred to 5 different people.

  • avonord

    By the way, I’m surprised I don’t see more people with my problem on forums.

  • steve

    So basically you have to wait until tomorrow. Is that a big deal?

  • avonord

    Bestbuy, understandbly, cannot and will not hold the phone for me until tomorrow. And no, not a big deal if not for the 3.5 hours I wasted. Not to mention the flu I am having and I still woke up early for the line up. Can I get the phone tomorrow or even the coming week? With the current stock level, I have my doubt.

  • JWB

    What an amazing display of Rogers customer service. Pathetic….!