Here are Images of WhatsApp’s Upcoming iOS 7 Update [PICS]


WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps and recently announced on stage at Nokia World 2013 it now has 350 million monthly active users. That’s a gain of 50 million users since it announced 300 million active users in August. CEO Jan Koum also said about 250,000 users are registering daily for the service using Nokia phones, working out to over 7 million per month.

As for the iOS version of WhatsApp, the design has relatively stayed the same since its launch back in fall of 2009. With the recent release of iOS 7, users have eagerly awaited a new cosmetic update, which now appears to be coming soon, if the following screenshots from the company mean anything.

On the WhatsApp Translation website, screenshots have been posted of the app showing its iOS 7 update, as noticed by Brazilian site BlogdoiPhone. The images of course might not be final, but they do show WhatsApp with an iOS 7 ‘look’, which appears to keep the main features of the app intact.

Screenshot 2013 11 03 11 42 55

Check out the screenshots below:

Iphone portrait CHAT LIST 01  1 Iphone portrait CHATS SHARE 02  1
Iphone portrait STATUS 01 Iphone portrait FAVORITES 01  1

Iphone portrait CHATS SHARE 05 Iphone portrait CHATS SHARE 02  1

What do you think of this upcoming iOS 7 update for WhatsApp? Like we said, the images posted on the site may not be final but it does give the impression it could be coming soon.


  • William Anderson

    I’ve been getting WhatsApp spam mail for the last month. I never heard of it before.

  • ticky13

    Remember when apps didn’t all look exactly similar to each other?

    Ahh, memories *wipes tear*

  • Chrome262

    Use to use whatsApp when I actually had friends who owned a BB. Now its all iMessage

  • Ange

    Forget the UI. I would love to have a little more choice for notifications in whatsapp.

  • leofoss

    The current WhatsApp app is not compatible with iPads Wi-fi only models.

    I have not yet found any suitable app to replace it, at least with text messaging. The default Messages app doesn’t work under wi-fi only either.

    WhatsApp seems to require a phone number. Some other apps will support texting on Wi-fi only iPads, but only if your destination device has loaded the same app.
    It would be great if WhatsApp could find a way around this issue.

  • Sidney

    It’s a kind of virus going around that try to trick people to download a malware.

  • Amit Raj

    Hi, will this update ever see the daylight? iOS7 has been here since September and we are already in November and yet no updates! Sigh***

  • Ra

    Register Whatsapp on another phone number its easy. I have used my google voice number to do so.

  • BaDRaN

    And developers had iOS 7 from June. It’s already 5 months and they didn’t update it yet.

  • vivek

    Well, Yeah. But the WhatsApp team said the iOS 7 will release mostly on november ending or first week of december

  • Jabu

    What WhatsApp needs to do is to go take a look at some of the work Behance has done on a new WhatsApp design and pick one!

  • Lydon McG

    This is really boring and uninspiring. Some of the fan-made mockups look much better. Why not change the bar at the top of the screen to green and add some personality to the design, for starters?

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