When Will the iPhone 5 Launch in Canada?


Earlier today AllThingsD broke the news Apple’s iPhone 5 media event is set to take place on October 4th. If the announcement happens that day, how many days until the actual launch? Fortune has covered the ‘days to launch’ for iPhone and iPad wait times in the US, starting from Apple announcements:

Days to Launch–in Canada

If we take this one step further and apply the ‘days to launch’ for Canada, we get the following numbers:

Canada has historically had longer wait times as we have been included in ‘International’ rollouts, rather than joining the group of initial launch countries. From the data above, it appears this time around Canadians can hope for the iPhone 5 to launch in fewer than 24 days, if we refer to the iPad 2 wait times.

2.2 Million iPhones in Canada as of July 2011?

Yesterday, comScore stats revealed the iPhone has emerged as the most dominate cellphone in Canada. If we take a look at the numbers of iPhones, the following chart (thanks @i0livier) indicates there are approximately 2,212,210 iPhones in Canada:

The iPhone 4 leads the way with 763,320 units sold, based on July 2011 data. Is the Canadian iPhone market a force to be reckoned with yet, Apple? Clearly, the numbers have shown we love the iPhone. So it only makes sense for Canada to be included in the initial batch of launch countries, don’t you agree?


  • X

    AHhhhhh I can’t wait any longer! So tempting to get a samsung galaxy s2, but hate android……need new phone now, iphone 4 has gotten boring…


    very interesting Gary, yeah I think we should be considered for initial launch!

  • Sparky

    I, too, hate Android. It’s too busy, And not simple and clean like iOS. iOS is getting boring, even with IOS 5 but it’s far superior IMO. I like webOS and the Playbook’s software. Nice and simple yet elegant and functional.

  • jajajjajaja

    iOS will always be boring BECAUSE it’s just way too simple. Android is winning, for one and one reason only: it’s open source. 

  • Pierre

    Just received an SMS from Rogers: “As a valued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. this means you could be one of the first in line in Canada for the next iPhone as soon as it’s available!” Apparently, they’re preparing for an iPhone launch soon. Will it be “4S” or “5”?

  • Any screenshots? Thx. Send them to us via email!