Where to Buy Nintendo’s Switch Console in Canada


The Nintendo Switch launches today, the Japanese console maker’s first new system in four years. Here’s a list of brick and mortar and online retailers selling the Nintendo Switch, which has pricing at $399.99 CAD MSRP.

Nintendo switch

Image via RFD


The Source
  • They just emailed customers to notify them the Nintendo Switch 32GB Console with Grey Joy?Con is in stock at $399.99. Limited to one per customer—but out of stock already.
Best Buy
  • Both Gray Joy-Con and Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con versions are listed online, but sold out. You can subscribe to their email newsletter to get notified when stock is available.
  • Walmart is sold out online of the Nintendo Switch, but does offer both Gray Joy-Con and Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con versions, priced at $399.96.
Toys R Us
  • The Nintendo Switch is sold out here, but Toys R Us says to check local stores for availability. Priced at $399.99 and also limited to 1 per customer.
EB Games
  • If you trade in any Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One, towards a Nintendo Switch, EB Games says the new console will only cost you $249.99, at $150 off. If you can find a used console for cheaper than $150, this may be a deal. Nintendo Switch not sold online from EB Games.
London Drugs
  • Call and ask for stock; pick an obscure location away from the city centre.
Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Call the store and press 4, then 1, to get to customer service, to ask for stock (BTW—Sidney has stock). Best to try a far away location to increase your chances of getting the console.
Again, if you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch, your best bet is to put on your AirPods or another Bluetooth headset and start making calls to stores, to plan out your mission to acquire the console.

Nintendo also has released their Parental Controls iOS app, which lets parents take full control over access to the console.

Did you get your Nintendo Switch on launch day?


  • Kris Meador

    This whole Switch launch has made me appreciate more what Apple does for its customers for new product launches. Is Apple perfect, nope, but compared to what a lot of Canadians are dealing with on preorders (especially from Best Buy), Apple really knows the important of it’s online/preorder customers.
    Thankfully a quick trip to Walmart this morning netted our family a new Nintendo Switch.

  • Olley

    Went to Timmys for lunch and saw this 20 something kid with a huge lump under his front jacket…weird so had to take another look and turns out it was a switch box. It’s hilarious because he held it like a first time dad holding a newborn lol.

  • Hahah

  • Andrew

    It is however a 6.2 inch display with controller on the side if I am correct. 🙂


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  • Chrome262

    Nintendo has always been horrible with the launch of its product, never having enough pre orders available, releasing stock at odd times and quantities and of late, having few launch titles.