White iPhone 4 Device & Box Revealed!


When the iPhone 4 was made available for preorder in the USA, only the black model 16/32GB was available. On launch day, once again, only the black iPhone 4 was available for sale. The white iPhone 4 has been “coming soon” for a long time and has not been seen very often.

This week, a series of photos showing Apple’s white iPhone 4 have been revealed. The device exists after all!

The photos showcase the box, which is exactly the same as the black iPhone 4 box except that the photo on the front is of a white iPhone. Other photos include various device shots and a quick photo of the iPhone 4 dock.

How this individual received a white iPhone 4 is unknown, but it looks legitimate.

At the end of June, Apple announced that availability of white iPhone 4 models will be delayed until the second half of July due to manufacturing challenges. In other words, both the black and white iPhone 4 models should be available for sale for Canada’s launch later this month.

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  • Wipdeedoo

    The articles on this blog are becoming worthy of yahoo news. That was useless. Don't write just for the sake of writing.

  • excaliburca

    The white one doesn't look all that bad to be honest.

  • Adam

    Would love a story on a legit date for when its going to be released in Canada. Sick of this waiting.

  • Ridikulus88

    Which colour does everyone prefer? White or black??

  • The girlfriend wants white. I could care less. I'll probably stick to my 3GS black.

  • Teerapong53

    White iPhone looklike Nokia mobile

  • Teerapong53

    I am Thai I want to buy iPhone in CA
    What is day iPhone launch in CA

  • I am Canadian and we don't know when it comes out in Canada. It's already released in California though.

  • Teerapong53

    Thank you
    July 23rd I can buy iPhone to home OR pre-order

  • We're not sure at all.
    Apple and Bell store employees are being trained on July 14th and are being told not to take July 23rd off.

    It could be release, it could be pre-order. I believe release.

  • Hyperextension

    White is way too “lady-like” for me. Black is where it's at!!

  • Teerapong53

    Thank you (ขอบคุณครับ)

  • Vartanarsen

    I have completely changed my mind. I cannot people are still anxious to get this on launch after all huge Flaws and Defects. Just wait a couple of months folks… what good is defective iphone on launch day.

  • djepsilon

    I am having such troubles deciding between black and white. I liked having a white 3GS, but I don't know how I feel about the white front on the iPhone 4…

    <sigh> decisions, decisions…

  • I think most of the bugs are in iOS4, which is disappointing but a software update will fix that.

    The antenna issue is easily fixed with a case that I'd be buying anyway, just like I did for my 3GS. I know some people don't use cases but it's the worlds thinnest smart phone, it wont hurt to put something around it to protect it and make it work better.

  • roadcarver

    The antenna / reception issues have me worried. To clarfiy, does the reception problem go away if the iPhone 4 is in a case ie. leather case / silicon case?

  • Yes. It has been proven that a case that prevents you from touching the steel on the outside rim of the iPhone 4 will remove the issue that people are having with the antennae.

  • roadcarver

    Thanks 🙂

  • Teerapong53

    In Thailand No problem with antenna

  • een

    I had a white HTC Touch and used the invisible shield on it and with all the in and out of my pocket/belt carrier it became obviously dirty around the edges of the shield. That and the shield pieces started to curl and pull away from the phone. Not trying to dis the shield. That is one tough piece of plastic but it just didn't work as I'd expected. Sorry, Gary. 🙁
    Probably go black, although I dig the white. Maybe get the invisible shield for front and back then throw a quality case that doesn't hide the phone too much. Don't know if I like the bumper idea though. Just seems to cover it in a most unattractive way.


  • een

    Agreed, Adam.

    Seriously. If they're getting their people ready next week and it appears a July 23rd launch is targeted why the delay in just saying the date?


  • Adam

    Agreed. I have a white 3G and love it. But something about the White Iphone 4 I don't like. I'll probably go black this time.

  • Adam

    Thats how I feel. Why not just give us the date. I want to book off the mornign from work to stand in line lol.

  • Thien

    @ Adam,

    I agree, I'm hoping to pick it up on the first week. I want the white one!

  • djepsilon

    But it's like… everyone has a black one and so getting the white one is a way to be a least a tad original… If only Apple would make me a florescent orange one… Or better yet, make me a ninja turtle themed iPhone! Where's is my iTurtleCom damnit?!

  • stu

    I have had a white phone ever since I got my first phone. white phones show dirt so much easier than any other. go with black 🙂

  • Chrome262

    I know its not something that happens before in Canada, but anyone think there will be a pre-order before the 23. I seriously doubt the pre-order is the 23, because of the training emails i saw it wouldn't make sense if its just for the internet personnel. i would really like to get my iphones on launch but don't really want to buy them directly from apple because two phones will set me back a grand, and i dont mind a three year contract.

  • RC

    If there is a transparent bumper or case which does not affect the beautiful design (silver + black) then it would be perfect!! Having a big thick bright orange or green rubber band around the iphone 4 totally obscure the design imho…

  • Adam

    Apple would never go with Wild colours like that. its black or white for them.. nothing else.

  • LoLo D.

    I’ve been checking here, & daily for any news on a release date. The Telus website changed today so that you can now “Register” to be kept up-to-date on news. Big change considering you had to hunt for even the “Coming Soon” for iPhone 4 before on their site.

    A friend told me a rumour that Bell, Rogers, Fido & Telus would be announcing their iPhone 4 plans & releases this week….. not sure if there’s any truth in it but it looks like Telus, at least, is moving towards it…. slowly. Though, he also heard from his source that it wasn’t being released until the end of the month. I guess we’ll see.

  • Guest

    What the hell? When are they going to set a release date for Canada?!! How could they still not have any info??

  • djepsilon

    …I was being facetious.

  • excaliburca

    Actually, that's what I'd like to do too. I normally don't do stuff like that but at least once I want to be in the line at the Apple store early in the morning and participate in the Apple Love Fest that seems to happen every time they release a new product like that. 🙂


  • Ex



  • CB

    I like the look of the white best, but aside from the potential dirt, I'm more concerned that pictures and video won't show up as well next to the white border as it would on the black due to contrast.

  • Steve

    Hey alex_sebenski … You would be buying a case? I though you said in your previous post that “I'll probably stick to my 3GS black”. Where are you going to use the iPhone 4 case?

  • My girlfriend will get a case. She has an old phone so I'll get her an iPhone 4 and case.

  • R P

    The antenna issue is not “easily fixed” with a case. Even with a case there are issues; a case might lessen the issues — MIGHT — but they'll still exist.

    Plus you shouldn't have to use a case to “make it work better.” It should work without a case, period.

  • Vartanarsen

    I agree. In fact, i am afraid for IP5…afraid they will lose the metal and glass and go back to plastic :((((–so get IP4:)))!!!!

  • I wish there were a button in Disqus to “Dislike” comments.

  • excaliburca


    Love that video clip.

  • Ex


  • White is nice but attracts dirt easily. Especially if your'e using a skin like the invisibleSHIELD. The dirt shows up.

  • Honestly I think it'll be different with networks in Canada. AT&T in the past 3 years has had more iPhone data users than any other country. Their 3G networks have been pillaged and ransacked by Apple fans.

  • excaliburca


  • Ex


    (laughing uncontrollably)

  • Half_Pint


  • In my basement

  • NL

    Just out of curiosity… why would someone need to be trained on releasing a phone? New phones come out all the time, is there training for every phone?

    Also, where did you hear this information?

    For the record I'm not bashing you. I'm genuinely curious.

  • You will be able to buy your iPhones ON CONTRACT (Rogers/Telus/Bell) from Apple.
    Bada Bing Bada Boom.

    (No idea about the possibility of the pre-orders though).

  • iPhone in Canada mentioned July 23rd as the

    I cant find the July 14th post right now. I'll come back later and find it. It might have been on, it might have. I'll find it and edit my post.

    Companies always train on stuff. They go to district meetings to learn about the new products. How else would a 60 year old woman that works at Radio Shack know about iPhone 4s? She gets taught by someone in the company usually at a large training event that coincides with the announcement of the product so they're trained by the time the product shows up. There isn't always a training per product, usually you'd learn about more than one at a meeting, but with a big launch like the iPhone 4 it might be exclusively about one product.

  • Caleb

    You shouldn't have to worry about getting it dirty because whichever colour you get is covered by glass. Just clean the glass and you will be okay.

  • Lchaney

    Now THAT'S an idea. I love it. GO NINJA, GO NINJA GO!

  • Rpagnani

    You dislike the truth? Don't make me out for some anti-Apple just-here-to-spam commenter.

    I own (and love) my iPhone 3G and was really looking forward to the iPhone 4, but unless Apple addresses the problem with more than a “software fix,” i.e. adds a layer of some sort of coating to the antenna or whatever, then I won't be buying a phone that disappoints as a phone.

  • First I wanted the white one, but due to the delay I decided to buy the black iPhone 4. Now I even a bit regret doing this as far as my previous 3GS was also black and I wanted to change something.
    However, black or white it's an amazing device!
    Mary, from Intellectsoft