White iPhone 4 Placeholder Shows Up On Fido

We have received an internal screen shot of what appears to be a Fido iPhone 4 product page that features the white iPhone 4. With all of the white iPhone 4 rumors floating around, is Fido set to launch the mystical white device?

The screenshot below reveals the Fido designations for the white iPhone 4 models in 16/32 GB, alongside the black iPhone 4. It is odd however that the white iPhone 4 is listed under the “Black Model” title, so Fido may just be in the early stages of preparation.

While this does not guarantee a release of the device, we know that the white iPhone 4 is expected very soon, as various rumors, and Apple themselves, have confirmed the white iPhone 4 coming this spring.

If you’re on Fido, have you been waiting for the white iPhone 4?

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  • Anonymous

    Sell your iPhone 4 Black to buy an iPhone 4 White or wait for a revolutionary iPhone 5 two months later?! Thanks but I’m sticking with my Black iPhone 4 for now!

  • ZEE

    Gary, I don’t think news abt white iphone 4 is worthy of a post on this website… Apple disappointed everyone!!

  • Timaucoin

    It’ll never happen! The white iPhone 4 will show up around the time the Easter Bunny and Elvis make their surprise appearance together! Now, when the mysterious iPhone 5 finally makes it’s appearance…. Thats when you’ll see the white for real!!

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  • vieri

    i dont understand this im in calgary and i purchased my iphone white 1 month ago!!!! and now people say it just came out. whats going on