White iPhone 4 Seen On Toronto Subway


The unicorn of iPhone 4 devices was recently spotted on the Toronto subway system.

While not being officially released, but rumored to be released soon, the white iPhone 4 seems to be making its rounds in Toronto as seen in the photos below.

In late 2010, Apple stated that they were going to delay the white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011. As Spring 2011 approaches, the device has been spotted in various wireless carrier inventory systems, prompting many to think that the device release was imminent. However these are likely just placeholders for if/when the device is launched.

So is this Toronto white iPhone 4 the real deal? Unlikely. Is it a mod? Probably.



  • Sgtboy

    99.99999% mod

  • MONSTAH111


  • Charles

    I’m from toronto. I bought white iphone 4 parts online and just put the parts on my phone. No big deal!

  • Yup. I did the same.

  • BaDOAN

    I can’t believe this is an article. Find something better to write about!

    First article that I have read on iPhoneinCanada that isn’t up to par with it’s other article.

  • Toronto_guy

    That looks like a chinese person, im positve i seen iPhone 4 faceplates and back cover in pacific mall that are white they do installation there.

  • Guest

    Journalism at it’s finest right here!

  • Are you sure it’s not 99.999999999999999999999999999999999

  • Anonymous

    Pacific Mall, First Markham Place, and many more locations in Toronto sell the White iPhone 4 which was previously just a black one but now with the white case mod….

  • Anonymous

    it actually doesn’t look like yours. look at the cutout on yours for the camera. theres a gap between the flash and lens. look at the one oin the pic there isnt. either yours is a really bad knockoff mod…or hers is a really good mod (im almost positive it isnt real :P)

  • Anonymous

    it’s fake. look at the bottom picture. wont hte new white iphones come shipped with that new antenna design? you can clearly see the antenna at the top (which isnt there on the new design) 😛

  • I think it’s just the CDMA iPhone 4 that has that new antennae design, and it won’t be used in Canada.

  • peter

    It’s fake and most likely her purse is too :-/

  • Hku

    slow news day????????

  • Joe

    I’ve seen those a lot while I was in HK for the holidays so that pretty much sums up …Yes is a mod and they are EXTREMLY cheap in HK to get your iP4 modified but the consequences can vary
    some of these “black store” will take your iPhone’s internal parts and sell it etc

  • Clue:(

    Holy shit this author needs a fucking life outside his obsession with the white iPhone. NOBODY CARES !!!!!