Whole Foods, McDonald’s Shows Apple Pay Support in Canada


Users in discussion forum AppleTalk Australia have spotted Apple Pay badges added to Apple Maps listings for select Coles and Woolworths supermarket locations in Australia, as spotted by MacRumors. In addition, the Apple Pay badge also shows up in Canada searches for Whole Foods.


Since the logo is reserved for locations that accept Apple Pay, this could be a hint at Australian and Canadian launches of the anticipated mobile payment platform.

In Australia, the logo appears on Apple Maps for Coles and Woolworths store listings in or near Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. As reported by AppleTalk Australia users, many other Coles and Woolworths listings lack the Apple Pay logo. In Canada, however, the Whole Foods chain seems to support Apple Pay in every store.


Another major retailer adding the Apple Pay badge is McDonald’s, although you won’t find the logo on every Apple Maps listing.

Considering earlier reports of an imminent Apple Pay launch in Canada, this doesn’t seem to be an error, as two major retailers already have added the badge. Now it remains to be seen when will Apple announce the official launch, as the company apparently looks to enable its mobile payment platform in several countries simultaneously.


  • Crosseyedmofo

    perfectly timed for this weeks episode of south park

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    It could be for the U.S. shoppers so they know that they can use U.S. Apple Pay in Canada. I too am hopeful Apple Pay is launching soon in Canada but I have been disappointed many times in the past with product launches in Canada. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

  • 3Stacks

    Doesn’t show up for Toronto locations

  • Scott

    It does for McDonald’s for me

  • Crosseyedmofo

    ive found 2 mcdonalds in toronto

  • Jesse

    Not seeing it in downtown Vancouver locations

  • It could be for USA visitors but I am hoping its not, its available at my location in Nova Scotia.

  • Vinnie

    I have found that the Whole Foods in Oakville supports it. Haven’t found any McDonalds yet in Toronto yet tho… I hope this launches soon…

  • scouse

    Also found the reference at a grocery store where myself and several people I know have used applepay

  • Which grocery store?

  • scouse

    Longo’s in Aurora

  • Salinger

    Could be for sure, but I’m thinking if that’s what it was, pretty much every restaurant and store in Canada would have it.

  • aaloo

    apple pay should work at all tap to pay terminals in canada, unless a retailer specifically goes and blocks it. the problem is the banks right now coz you can’t add canadian credit cards and debit cards into apple pay right now. I have been using my american credit card without any trouble in canadian stores in emergencies when i forget my wallet.

  • Buddha

    It was showing up earlier on the weekend at whole foods in Oakville but not Mississauga, neither are showing up now. But now when you click on either location, the category and price view quickly shift over to the left like it’s making room for “something”. ????