Why We Won’t See an Apple Television Anytime Soon


We already have an Apple TV from Apple. But what if there was an actual television from Cupertino? The latest hint comes from a job posting that explicitly lists the “next-generation power supply technology” role to focus on TVs:

I don’t see an actual Apple Television coming anytime soon. The TV market is a tough segment and has a very high cost of entry, and is highly competitive. It’s similar to the whole LCD monitor market–it’s tough to crack. How many Apple LED Cinema Displays have been sold? People will have a hard time paying for an Apple Television, even if it is designed to be sleek and thin. At the end of the day, clarity is dictated by sources of media, such as the HD broadcast of your cable carrier.

Steve Jobs has mentioned that getting the Apple TV into the hands of customers is difficult. Why would consumers want to replace their existing set top boxes? Now, bring in the issue of televisions–how often do you buy a new TV? Maybe once every 5-10 years? I envision an Apple Television flying off shelves if there is some sort of breakthrough innovation (and I’m not talking 3D!). The TV market has been ‘dead’ for a while, as technology has leveled off. Consumers also spend less time today in front of their TVs than before. We spend more time in front of our computers now, and some watch TV online.

Could Apple change that? What do you think? Would you pay more for a television from Apple?



  • Ryan

    This is pure speculation but it is possible that Apple is just simply refreshing the iMac line which is rumored to be this April with OLED monitors which doubles as a TV via HDMI. Then there will be the stand alone TV aka Apple Cinema Display. Apple just recently had a job posting for engineers that specialize in OLED technology and LG recently unveiled a 31” OLED television coming to north America this year. It is possible that the next generation iMac’s will have 31” OLED monitors just the way Apple likes it sleek and thin lol.

  • Frenchyroast

    Agreed. Apple only releases new product types if there is no real solid competition. Follow the pattern: Ipod, Itunes, Imac, Iphone, Ipad. Unless the new product is in a class by itself, Apple won’t bother trailing others.