Will Apple’s Next iPhone Have NFC to Compete with Google Wallet?


Update: Here’s a promo video showing participating retailers. Can’t wait for this to hit Canada:

Google just unveiled Google Wallet, an app that will turn your smartphone into a payment system using NFC (near field communication). Google Wallet will debut on Sprint’s Nexus S 4G, and the app will be tested first in New York City and San Francisco. They’ve partnered up to have Google Wallet work with MasterCard’s PayPass and will soon add other partners.

Will the Next iPhone Include NFC to Compete?

Apple always likes to stay ahead of the competition, and I’m predicting we’ll see NFC in the next iPhone. Google and RIM have already announced adoption of NFC in their upcoming hardware versions. It’d be unlike Apple to include this technology in their next iPhone.

However, the New York Times previously mentioned NFC would come soon to the iPhone, but not necessarily in the next iteration. Other analysts have predicted the lack of NFC in the next iPhone as well. The issue is the lack of merchant adoption for NFC payments. There’s hope though, as Visa is already testing an iPhone wallet system in Europe.

My MasterCard is equipped with PayPass capabilities, and I eagerly await the adoption of NFC for payments. Europe and Asia have been using NFC systems for years, and it’s about time North America caught up to speed.

Do you want to see NFC included in the next iPhone?



  • Would love to see it. But that’s the thing, it’s more about merchants. I’d have traded my Visa for a MasterCard ages ago if more than a couple big retail chains around me accepted PayPass. It would be most convenient for the little shops, food, convenience stores that unfortunately will probably be the last to adopt it. At least until it’s just built into their new POS gear.

  • Jdutch101

    When my great grand-children are going through their mid life crisis, they will likely be able to pay for ANY thing with this device… and I DO MEAN ANYTHING!

  • Drocass

    I actually just bought a Samsung Nexus S two days ago (Yes i still have my iPhone 4) and i was surprised to see NFC option there. I disabled it right away as I prefer  the old fashion Cash or debit methods. I always found Instant pay Bar codes or similar methods of payment to be security risks.

    That being said I would probably be very late to the party when this becomes mainstream. Although im sure they will have great security, I guess you can call me an old fashion kinda guy for being skeptical of the whole thing.