Will You Jailbreak Your iDevice on iOS 5?


Last week’s keynote, brought the news that iOS 5 will be released to the public this Wednesday. iOS 5 brings over 200 new features to your iDevice. Many of these new features seem to be inspired by jailbreak tweaks and apps, so will you still need to jailbreak your iDevice after iOS 5 is released?

Well, the answer will be different for each individual.

First group of individuals who will definitely need to jailbreak, are the folks who need to have their iPhones unlocked, but do not own an officially unlocked iPhone. You will still need to jailbreak, preserving your baseband, and unlock via “ultarsn0w”. At this point, we’re still unsure if this is even possible, so you should not update to iOS 5, if you need your iPhone unlocked.

Another group of folks who will want to jailbreak iOS 5, are the people who like to customize the look of the OS. Apple has still not included the ability to apply “Themes”, like you can with Winterboard, or Dreamboard. This type of customization will probably never be available in iOS, as Apple is very proud of their design.

There are many new features coming in iOS 5, that have been available in the jailbreak community for a while. Custom SMS tones is a big one. iOS 5 allows you to use any sound on your device, as your SMS tones, and you can assign different tones to different contacts. This relieves us from the burden of replacing the stock tones, via Winterboard.

Notification Center is a very welcome update to notifications in iOS. There have been a few different apps in Cydia (the jailbreak App Store), to try and solve the outdated notification system in iOS. LockInfo, and definitely MobileNotifier seemed to be a direct influence on what is the current iOS 5 Notification Center.

One key feature, for me, that will keep me jailbreaking, is the ability to use FaceTime over 3G. The jailbreak app “3G Unrestrictor” allows this awesome feature, while Apple (or prehaps the carriers) do not. Depending on your area and your coverage, FaceTime works just great over 3G. It will eat up your data plan, but for those of you who took advantage of the 6GB plan, this will be no problem.

I do have to mention one other group of people who will always want to jailbreak. The pirates. There will always be people out there who think $.99 is way too much to pay for software. This is the reason the jailbreak community has such a bad rap. An open operating system is not what scares folks. It’s the fact that developers, who spend hours/days/weeks/months/years working on an app, don’t see a dime, if you’re not buying the app from the App Store. There are pirates in every aspect of consumable media, so I don’t think we’ll ever see this go away.

The tethered jailbreak for iOS 5 GM is out there now, in the form of Redsn0w 0.9.9b3, and the jailbreak for the official release will most likely be out shortly after iOS 5’s release. Stay tuned. You can also check out, for more jailbreak news. There is no word on how quick an iPhone 4S jailbreak will be released. It is not vulnerable to the current exploits being used (limera1n), but there may be userland exploits, that have yet to be made public. 😉

Let us know, in the comments, if you still plan to jailbreak, and what apps you’re still going to need, from Cydia.


  • Anonymous

    I’d definately want to jailbreak, but i’ve been preserving my 1.59 baseband since i got the phone (even though i dont really NEED the unlock), iOS5 looks really good and it may be something im willing to live without. i definately dont want a tethered JB and would be ok waiitng (so i hope :P)….also, FYI u dont need to be Jailbroken to use facetime over 3G. theres an app called Tango which does it. its free in the app store too 🙂

  • Takuma Takahashi

    Not until I switch carrier

  • Anonymous

    This might sound minor, but I really like having time stamps on all of my text messages. There’s a tweak called MarkThatMessage that does exactly that. I’ll probably jailbreak just for that mod

  • TeenWolf

    BiteSMS is an ABSOLUTE must have! SBsettings is a close second.

  • Nick

    Yes absolutely, hopefully it won’t be long until I can jailbreak the 4S. The apps I use all the time are:
    -mywi (to make my iPad automatically connect to my iPhone with mywi connect)
    -folder enhancer
    -bite SMS

  • mvakleko

    Only if they fugue out how to enable 4k video recording 🙂 for the fun of it, might be just a rumor though. Right now it’s just not worth it as the have caught up with many features j/b devices had in the past. I’ve been jailbreaking since 3.3.3, and the bugginess, lag, and battery issues/performance u get is a big negative. This is the reason why I paid over $900+ for an unlocked as I’m sick of waiting all the time and of the drama in the jailbreak community especially the attitude of some ppl like musclenerd or the founder of chronicdev who act like God’s sent and ooze arrogance. Too bad comex left the scene, as he was one of the few credible j/b devs with principle and integrity.

  • kabsalsa

    Apple has come very close with iOS 5 that I am contemplating not jailbreaking. However, would be hard to live without SBS settings and remove background. I love the drop down menu where I can access brightness, 3G, wifi and remove all my multitasking apps with one step. That will probably keep me jailbreaking. If I do, I look forward to seeing how I can customize the notification menu.

    I don’t bother With the pirated apps as I find it less hassle to buy them from apple.

  • Easterner

    I’m looking for an app that can reliably record both sides of a phone conversation on device. Is that available on cydia?

  • Zachary 89

    I will if they can manage to activate Siri on the iPhone 4

  • Wuju

    I will still jailbreak mine for the following reason;

    SBSettings, iScheduler 3G unresitrictor, and RemoveBG, and Winterboard customization.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll probably JB only for Parallax 🙂 (untethered only, obviously).

  • Chrome262

    I’ll update and lose my JB so I can try out the cool features. But I will probably JB again when it comes out. I don’t have to unlock so no worries about basebands. SBsettings, customizable themes are to attractive.

  • Jdutch101

    Having spent about a week on iOS 5, I can say that once a JB comes out I will most likely use it. iOS 5 is nice, and I was excited about the Notification Centre and iMessage etc. However, one thing I really miss is my IntelliScreen information. I liked having my schedule at an easy glance, especially when I didn’t have time to go into the calendar app to see what was coming up, and when I had to be, where I needed to be. I also really miss SBSettings. I find myself trying to swipe the menu bar just by default, as if it were still there. The main reason I use it? To turn WiFi off and on and to activate Hotspot features to use with my Android tablet. It IS a pain in to go into the settings app, then into WiFi settings to do this. Also, I could turn on 3G Unrestricter and reboot/power down from there too. Then there’s hiding apps I don’t use. Stocks, Weather and the default Calendar app supplied by Apple are terrible, and I like the ability to hid them so they don’t clutter. I’m not one of those users who like 15 (exaggeration) pages of apps. And lastly, I do miss my custom SMS tones, but I guess if I can get the sound byte into iTunes, I’ll just be able to upload it that way and won’t need Winterboard for it anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Sbsettings. HUGE fail on Apple behalf for not including a widget for notification center.

    Lockinfo- I’m sorry but Notification center in iOS 5 has no where near the customization that’s available in Lockinfo. I could go on for days about this one. Hoping that Lockinfo incorporates some of ios5 into it’s UI.

    Honestly the rest of my Cydia tweaks I can LIVE without but would still wish I had them at one point.

  • Anonymous

    Yes yes. Remove background. Love that one

  • Anonymous

    iMessage is very slick in iOS 5

  • Don

    Bitesms Has that feature. I too will be jailbreaking because Apple feels that an sbsettings type feature is not needed in iOS 5. Including the ability to change brightness, turn wifi on/off and everything else sbsettings offers would have been perfect for the new notifications center. I can’t wait to get a new phone in December, Apple iOS is just too out dated for my taste. It’s the same crap year after year.

  • Anonymous

    Now i am satisfied with your answer man…. Jailbreaking is Necesory and you are right to say that

  • I’m considering JB’ing only so I can hide that damn Newsstand icon

  • Yes, SBSettings is a must have for an jailbreaker. There is a nice alternative, called “Power Center”, that replicates SBSettings features, right in Notification Center. I have been using it for a while, and don’t miss SBSettings at all.

  • SgtAdam

    No it’s not. It’s a crappy rip off of BBM and not everyone has an iPhone. Last time I checked, you usually get unlimited texting in any plan.

  • SgtAdam

    iPhone and iOS in general is still missing tons of features older phones and stuff android can do.
    Not jailbreaking an iPhone is a stupid thing seeing as you can do nearly anything to the phone afterwards.

  • cpts

    I don’t (get unlimited texting that is). Most people I need to message are using iPhones (family, friends and work!). iMessage is going to get a lot of use on my iDevices.

  • I’m waiting for an untethered jailbreak, but BiteSMS and 3G unrestrictor are definitely two jailbreaks that I MUST have. 

  • Anonymous

    SBSettings is a huge app for almost everyone. I find it weird that Apple put in a Stock widget yet didn’t put in a Settings widget, or even a more useful widget.

    Does anyone know how these widgets work, specifically for developers? Can a developer create a widget for their app or are we left with just what Apple provides us? I would really think widgets would be great for apps such as ESPN to provide a score ticker.

    Also, more on the jailbreak front, there’s also themes that Apple won’t support. Also, the jailbreak community always adds more to the phone. Notification center, custom SMS, multi-tasking, etc. A lot has come from the jailbreak community and I imagine that will keep happening. Developers are smart and will keep coming up with new features that Apple won’t give.

  • There are already widgets in Cydia for Notification Center. “Power Center” replicates SBSettings. “Music Center” gives you iPod controls. “Battery Center” lets you see you battery usage. All within the Notification Center drop down.

  • Anonymous

    Just to be clear, are you saying only jailbreak developers can access the Notification Center as developers or will we eventually see widgets in the App Store?

    While I’ll be jailbreaking my device, I’m curious as to how much, if it at all, Apple is limiting the Notification Center for developers.

  • Well, any app that uses notifications, will automatically be integarted, but as for widgets, I’m not sure Apple is allowing access to that. That drop down is mainly for notifications, so they may not want a bunch of widgets cluttering it up.

  • Well, you don’t have to worry about SBSettings being ready. 🙂

  • Ken

    I have always been intimidated by the idea of jailbreaking Lthigh I am fairly tech savvy. I just havent spent the time learning the risks if any to my Rogers acct. I would love a more simple way to turn BT off and on and get a different browser like firefox that wouldn’t bog down load times with ads. Are these things possible?

  • Anonymous

    I was afraid of that, I guess this is another area where the jailbreak community will shine.

    Thanks for the the info. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There was another Cydia tweak that was on par with iOS 5’s Notification center and I believe the developer’s name was Peter Hajas whom Apple lured away from the jailbreak scene and hired him to work for them. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of his tweak. Anyone know? And what repo has it/can I find it? Thanks.

  • What about those apps where you’ve paid for the, but they are lousy and you wish you could have tried a “demo” version? 😉

    I’d jailbreak my phone mainly probably to customize the UI and have the potential to be able to unlock it for overseas travel in the near future.

  • I don’t recall the repo, but the app is called MobileNotifier.

  • Outerheaven26

    I will probably Jailbreak untethered, mainly for a couple of tweaks that I can’t live without 3G Unrestrictor, Sb Settings and Byta Font….I can’t stand the font on the iPhone, I wish Apple could include the option to change fonts on their IOS

  • Enigma

    Apple hired him about three months back

  • Great to have you back, Rory! 🙂

    I will jailbreak iOS 5, once an untether comes around. But since iOS 5 beta, I’ve gone jailbreak free and I haven’t had any issues. Personal Hotspot and Notification Center is pretty awesome. Battery life is better without the JB too. 

    Can I live without a JB? Yes. But if an easy untether comes along…I’m not going to complain 😉

  • Thanks, Gary! From what I hear, there are untether exploits for iOS 5, we’ll just have to wait and see what the devs can do with them.

  • Djelimon17

    Plan to jb when it’s untethered. Generally don’t upgrade without a jailbreak

    Sbsettings, enhanced folders, iFile, SSH, crashreporter – gotta have these

    Piracy – feh

  • Anonymous

    So far iOS 5 has been very snappy and quick. Inam noy getting the slow downs on my iPhone 4 when It was jailbroken. Couple of things that I am missing:
    1. ManualCorrect
    2. GPower Pro
    3. LockInfo (somewhat)
    4. My3G

    Other than that, quite happy with iOS 5.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary, what repo can I find MobileNotifier developed by Peter Hajas? I remember Apple lured him out of the jailbreak scene by offering him a job but it’s not available in BigBoss or the other “standard” repos in Cydia. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Yes, for SBSettings primarily.

  • Meh

    No way… with iMessage you can text to any iOS device AND text overseas for free. It’s not a crappy rip off, it’s basically the same thing. Except now we can text to iPads and iPod touches. And actually, a lot of people have iPhones. Also, AT&T got rid of their unlimited texting plan, which will greatly come in handy for anyone new to the service. 

  • James Morgan

    done and done