WIND Mobile Fixes iMessage Activation for iPhone Users


WIND mobile goes live in Kingston

According to a report from MacRumors, WIND Mobile customers have confirmed that iMessage activation via phone number now works correctly on iPhone. Previously, a WIND Mobile customer could only activate iMessage by using their Apple ID.

Brandon, a customer of WIND Mobile, confirmed [via MacRumors] that WIND Mobile fixed the iMessage activation issue:

“Finally WIND Mobile in Canada is suddenly using native iMessage. You used to have to only use your Apple ID for iMessage and FaceTime because it was unsupported on WIND’s network. Today, suddenly it started working. I have confirmed it with an Apple Genius, and I myself am a former Apple technician as well.”

Even though Apple released iOS 9.0.2 last week with a fix for iMessage activation issues, it is more likely that the problem occurred on WIND Mobile’s end because customers using previous version of iOS are also now able to activate iMessage using their phone number.

iMessage_iOSHave you had iMessage activation issues on WIND Mobile? If so, are you now able to setup iMessage using your mobile phone number? Let us know in the comments below.


  • beavisaur

    now they just have to fix the issue of iOS9 and not being able to send MMS messages. I confirmed with WIND tech support that iOS9 and MMS is not functioning on WIND.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Mobilicity still hasn’t figured out how to activate Facetime and iMessage. You would think that now that Rogers has bought Mobilicity this could be fixed. But no.

  • Marco

    Can you please have Wind Techs call Mobilicity and teach them what to do. IPhone 5c after iOS 9.02 upgrade will not send and receive MMS. Why doesn’t Rogers care about Mobilicity either?

  • Dave Truman

    Does this fix still charge you for the activation SMSs that iOS sends to some Apple server in the UK? Otherwise you’ll start seeing .25 (out of country SMS) charges every day or so on your bill.

  • Bill Brown

    I’m using WIND in Italy and cannot use either iMessage nor FaceTime. WIND say the problem is my iPhone (9.2), yet I have had no problem with the same iPhone on other networks. I unfortunately bought a WIND sim for travel on Italy specifically to use iMesage and FaceTime to keep in touch with home.
    WARNING to travellers using iPhones : Do not buy WIND in Italy

  • itguy78

    Not working anymore as of 7/26/2016 — anytime I try to activate I get an sms with a bunch of hex numbers from a number in Illinois and it doesn’t activate 🙁 Needless to say I WAS activated before, then I took a trip to the US and it de-activated it all by itself and now won’t activate again.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Is it working now.

  • Emily Gowan

    This same thing is happening for me- is there any fix or work around?

  • W.R Hemmingway

    Hi Emily, By chance did you fix your problem? I have just ported a number over from Virgin Mobile to Wind/Freedom and it is not activating. Same issues and its now September 2017. Apple claims its not compatible, Freedom now says its not supported. Even though the Freedom staff that sold me this plan told me they never ran into that issue, which personally I call bullshit. Its frustrating, since I don’t want to use my Apple ID with txt messaging thats not what I want to use the phone for, I also can’t send photos either. I read that some people have just waited it out, mine has been going on for a solid week now, my last resort is keeping any iMessage off for a full 24 hours and then turn it on, if that doesn’t work I don’t know what to do but cancel my plan and go back to Virgin, funny how I wanted to cut my phone bill since its a personal phone and got an additional phone through wind for business, but Im finding its costing me more problems then good. I just figured that in this day and age we wouldn’t have to deal with this in technology. It feels like this is an issue Id be dealing with in circa 2000 not now.

  • Emily

    Hi it did resolve itself eventually but I had to wait it out probably over a week. One day when I checked it had just activated. I definitely kept trying turning it off and on- but in the end it was just waiting it out. SO FRUSTRATING. I actually just got a new iPhone this week and when I switched my SIM card it did the same thing for maybe 24hrs before activating. It’s so so annoying but I think if you wait it out it will work. Despite some of these weird things, I’m happy with Freedom.

  • Emily

    Also for photos- I can’t send them to people who aren’t on iMessage because they’re MMS – either Freedom network itself or my plan (I’m not sure which!) doesn’t support MMS. So I can never text photos to non iPhone people. I just generally email them in those cases ???????

  • W.R Hemmingway

    Hi Emily, thank you so much for your response. I was going to say Im having the exact same issues with sending photos. I realized I can’t really afford to not have a flawless phone coverage/sending photos/not having issues with iMessage and FaceTime, so I just switched back to my old provider even if it is just a bit more expensive, I just can’t afford to not have my phone working. Its too bad, I had high hopes for Freedom and understand it could just be a waiting game, but I just don’t have the time to wait. Im realize I rely on my phone far too much and notice it when its not working properly which actually costs me more in the end then what Im saving with them. Thanks again for the reply Emily!