Winnipeg Mayor Says Police Use of Fake Cell Towers Poses No Concerns


According to a new report from CBC News, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said that he has no concerns with his police service potentially using electronic surveillance devices.

Among the devices is a set of fake cellular towers that would allow the Winnipeg Police Service to intercept mobile communications data. Bowman, who was a privacy lawyer before becoming mayor, said that he has not been advised of any specific plans and he has no intention of making inquiries about them.

He noted that the Winnipeg Police Board provides oversight of the police service, not city council. In a statement, Bowman said:

“The Winnipeg Police Service operates within the law and I have confidence that any technologies they’re utilizing will be used in accordance with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

However, privacy watchdogs and activists have been criticizing the lack of regulation on these devices, which are capable of tapping into your private communications. Many are calling for the government, city council, and the police service board to be more transparent about the data they collect.


  • DoctorT

    Ugh, I wish they’d stop things like this..
    There’s an app for rooted android phones that’s supposed to be able to catch suspicious tower (SnoopSnitch).

  • NOHoldsBar

    Useless articles only posted to meet the writer’s quota

  • Hey! Waste of time.

  • chickeee

    Vancouver Police use this too “Stingray” .

  • Mike Coleman

    If the cops want to listen in on my daughters constant nagging, my wife’s never ending bitching, and my 90 year old mother’s nurse telling me once again “your mother pooped her pants twice today”, I say, welcome to this fucking freak show I call my life. I just don’t give a fuck. I can’t thank the inventor of whiskey enough.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    You sound like a happy man..