Winnipeg Mayor Will Express Support for Uber During Annual State of the City Speech


According to a new report from CBC News, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said that he will use his annual state of the city speech to express support for Uber.

Bowman said that he also promises to reduce the red tape associated with permits, which would make it easier for ride-sharing companies like Uber to enter into the city. To do this, he said that he plans to work with the provincial Taxicab Board to welcome ride-sharing companies to the city.

Bowman plans to create a “permits logistic desk” to speed up the approval time for permits. While speaking at a Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce luncheon, he said:

“What I’ve heard from you is that the permit process still sucks.

Winnipeg needs to be a city for everyone. Whatever your dream, you should be able to make your home right here.”

The mayor promised to begin 2018 budget discussions this spring, at which point there will also be an unfilled position for chief innovation officer.



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    So what Winnipeg Major wants, he also want pedestrians to cross on busiest intersection in Winnipeg,