Winnipeg Rogers Dealer Sees Armed Robbery of 25 iPhone 6s, One Galaxy Note 4


The AirSource authorized Rogers Wireless dealer located at 2609 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg was victim of an armed robbery on Monday, which saw three suspects enter the location at 4:15 p.m. (via

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When a staffer emerged from the back to sell a phone to a female suspect, the trio suddenly demanded smartphones. A total of 25 iPhone 6 models in various colours were taken along with one (lonely) Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The suspects are described as aboriginal with the following descriptions, according to the Winnipeg Sun:

The first was a man about 23 years old, 5-foot-7 with a thin build and short black straight hair.

The second was a female with a skinny build and straight black hair in a ponytail.

The third suspect was a 5-foot-7 man with a thin build.

If you’re approached to buy an iPhone 6, the public is being urged to call investigators at (204) 986-6219 or Crime Stoppers at (204) 786-TIPS (8477).


  • Tim

    The robber (and/or his customers), are very stupid since those phones will never activate.

  • Tim

    …the iphones at least.

  • Rhynizzle

    Don’t forget there is a large market outside of Canada where the blacklist has no effect.

  • No. Apple can lock them so they will never pass the activation. Not talking about an IMEI blacklist but Apple disabling the devices.

  • Jay

    Whats an iphone 6s?

  • The plural form of iPhone 6 vs the possessive form iPhone 6’s

  • Anon

    They are all LOCKED to Rogers. They wont be of any use anywhere.

  • Rhynizzle

    OK well then they’ll be good for parts LOL……they need to get something for all their efforts lol