Here’s a Short Wish List for Apple’s AirPods 2



Only last week, Apple’s much awaited AirPods started arriving for early buyers and already, the folks over at The Verge have come up with a short wish list for the company’s next generation of its wireless earbuds, the ‘AirPods 2’. The list calls for an improved design with onboard storage and an improved Siri experience, among other minor improvements.


With Siri getting better everyday, especially with access to third party apps, it would be great if Siri on AirPods supported back-and-forth conversation, as well as other voice assisted services like Google Assistant.

Improved Design

Apple should come up with a closed design with options for different tips, and also get rid of the awkward-looking stems.

Onboard Storage

AirPods with onboard storage would help in separating the headphones from your phone, makes things like running much easier.

Better Volume Control

Currently, the only way to control the volume from AirPods is to ask Siri, but it would be better if it could be done with taps, just like playing and pausing your music.

Although its a fairly short list, it does show there’s room for improvement. Nonetheless, I do believe Apple has came very close to making something truly revolutionary with the AirPods, just as they are. 


  • sully54

    on board storage is a stupid idea that will only increase the price. next, they will demand that apple add a celular chip.

  • Jesse

    Asking for google assistance is kind of a silly wish since it’ll never happen :/

  • Luckily some of these can be solved with software changes.

  • huddyrocks

    on board storage, as said ,will make these more overpriced than they already are.Apple, I think, would rather recommend their watch for a more portable exersise solution. Thats what we use our watch for, works great.

  • These things are asking for a lot in a very small device. Especially if you eliminate the ‘stem’. And without the stem they would be very difficult to place and remove. And I hear they are already very slippery. With nothing to hold on to they would be even more slippery.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Stems r the only reason Airpods don’t fall off and easy to remove n use again. The things Apple needs to do is 1: get volume controls on them may me tap left pod for volume down and right for volume up and 2: make them more versatile fit by adding different size eartips