Toronto Woman Rescues iPhone After Dropping it Onto a Neighbour’s Balcony


Liz Bertorelli, a woman who lives in an apartment building in Toronto, dropped her iPhone onto a vacant balcony below, and after unsuccessful attempts to contact her neighbours and inform the building manager, she took to Twitter to chronicle her attempts to retrieve her phone. Her rescue mission lasted two days, through rain and several failed attempts, during which she attracted a huge following on social media.


When Bertorelli dropped her iPhone, he could see it on the balcony below, but couldn’t reach it. “What did I do tonight? Oh ya know, dropped my phone off balcony to the unit below,” she Tweeted at 4:48 a.m, with a photo of the scene (shown above). Her Tweet soon received thousands of responses, following which she continued documenting the process.


  • A person drops an iPhone and this is supposed to be worth publishing on ‘news’ sites?
    What a world we live in.

  • It’s Me

    Liz Bertorelli, a woman who lives in a building apartment in Toronto, dropped her iPhone onto a vacant balcony below, and after unsuccessful attempts to wake up her neighbours

    A) if the apartment below was vacant, why was she trying to wake the none existent neighbours?
    B) she lives in a building apartment?

  • Dale Ryan Leckie

    Vs a basement apartment, a flat and so on.

  • It’s Me

    Nah, just a typo.

  • Joe

    The story about how she got it back was pretty good.

  • Dex

    lets make a movie about it!!

  • Riley Freeman

    slow news day lol