Apple Co-Founder: Lots Wrong with ‘Jobs’ Movie, Responds to Kutcher [VIDEO]


Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of Apple’s co-founder debuted yesterday in the move Jobs. So far, reviews of the movie have been mixed and more leaning towards the negative. The movie’s ‘tomatometer’ reveals it’s 24% rotten.

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke with Emily Chang from Bloomberg TV to share his thoughts on the movie, particularly the inaccuracies. He reveals how his participation as a ‘tutor’ in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming Steve Jobs movie is a stark contrast to how he was asked to assist with Kutcher’s movie.

Check it out below (Bloomberg Flash video):

Have you seen Jobs? What did you think?


  • WatDah

    Some people think Wozniak is a jerk and he’s just butt hurt about Jobs taking the spotlight. But I think he’s always trying to be honest and truthful, and just wants to give credit where it’s due. Steve Job’s most successful product that he marketed in his entire life, ever, was not the iPad, not the iPhone, nor was it the iPod. It was himself.

  • Arcsvibe

    Woz has always been honest and a straight shooter. I love hearing his thoughts.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    It’s Hollywood…..of course they’re going to take artistic liberties.

  • Some guy

    Anyone else catch the interview with Larry Ellison following the interview with Woz? I had never seen it, pretty interesting though.

  • J. W.

    I couldn’t keep track of how many times the interviewer tried to cut off Wozniak and steer the conversation somewhere else.

  • Mr.Face

    Horrible interview, so disrespectful. If it were Jobs in that chair (1) she wouldn’t have been so aggressive (2) if she was, jobs would have flipped on her. I mean it’s Woz, just STFU and let him talk.

  • reformcanada

    I suspected this would be a flop.
    I am looking forward though to the Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs movie. That will be good! Hopefully on par with the social network

  • Anon

    You do realize that The Social Network was also a big fabrication of the true story, right? Zuckerberg didn’t approve of it as well. Hollywood loves adding their own BS to spice things up.

  • I think she was more trying to control his rambling. He would have gone on and on forever about stuff most viewers didn’t care about otherwise.

  • It’s not really Hollywood though. This was an independent film.

  • It’s actually 24% fresh, or 76% rotten, on Rotten Tomatoes. Not 24% rotten.

  • thewinnipegger

    Woz is always the best in interviews but why the hell is Emily Chang so unprofessional and rude ?

  • duke_seb

    The problem with all of these jobs movies isn’t the story… Well it is the story but the problem is that they keep retelling the story from the beginning to the iPod

    Everyone knows this story so well that they can pick it apart… Movies are never the same as books or real life

    What I would like to see is the story of the last 10 years of Steve’s life….

    That’s where the interesting part take place…. I want to know about the skunk works that has been apple under Steve in the 21st century