WSJ: Apple’s Secret ‘Project Titan’ Has Hundreds Working on a Car


Okay, so it looks like Apple’s secret car ambitions are turning out to be a real ‘thing’—if we are to believe new details provided to the Wall Street Journal by anonymous sources. These people note Apple employees are working on a secret electric vehicle (one source said it’s not a self driving car):

Apple has several hundred employees working secretly toward creating an Apple-branded electric vehicle, according to people familiar with the matter. They said the project, code-named “Titan,” has an initial design of a vehicle that resembles a minivan, one of these people said.

People familiar with the matter say the size of the Project Titan’s teams suggest Apple is serious. Executives have flown to as far as Austria to meet with contract manufacturers of luxury cars, which includes Canadian ties—the Magna Steyr unit of Magna International.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly approved the plan close to a year ago and put product design VP Steve Zadesky in charge, granted with the freedom to pursue a 1,000-person team and recruit employees from various parts of the company, says a source.

The team allegedly works in a private location miles away from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, “researching different types of robotics, metals and materials consistent with automobile manufacturing.”

Rumours of Apple working on a car further snowballed earlier today when the Financial Times reported Apple had poached a high-profile executive from Mercedes-Benz, which the WSJ reported as Johann Jungwirth, the former president and chief executive of the latter’s North America R&D arm.

Earlier this week, a source told Business Insider Apple was planning a vehicle that would give Tesla a “run for its money”, while The Mac Observer noted its own source said the percentage chance Apple was building a car instead of car-related technology was at “80 percent”.

Okay, so is Apple really building a car? They probably have a tonne of secret projects in the works and with $178 billion in cash, surely a vehicle would be one of them. But when I read the part about its design that “resembles a minivan”—that pretty much said this thing is most likely in its extremely early stages.

What do you think? Are we even close to being ready for an iCar? How much would AppleCare for this vehicle cost?!


  • Al

    And not long ago, as also reported by qualified media, a great many inside sources stated emphatically that the iTV existed, to the point of actually seeing it being tested.

    Press (good, bad, or completely fabricated at the source) helps keep a company relevant.

  • Flash

    To be fair I think a TV has been developed, tested etc – it’s just content deals it’s missing, the thing that makes TV sucks today is cable boxes and cable programming.

  • Al

    Perhaps, but I think that the content deals, or whatever, is something more associated with holding back the Apple TV, since that’s essentially all it is. Although such deals would also apply to the iTV, it is hardly the driving purpose of the iTV. I believe the iTV was more about a more Apple-style of TV with tight device integration and the usual Apple bells and whistles. If an iTV was to be a reality, content would not hold it back, as they could always update the software to accommodate more content in the future. If they actually had such a thing, they would be losing money holding it back just for content.

  • Steve


  • Shameer Mulji

    Well, Apple has been busy with iOS 7, iOS 8 (CloudKit, HealthKit, HomeKit, WatchKit, iCloud Drive, etc..), Apple Watch, iPhone 6. Maybe Apple just put it off to the side to get these other pieces delivered first.

    Plus, last year Apple acquired PrimeSense, which is the company that created the technology used in MS Kinect so it could be that they want to integrate that into the Apple TV. And besides, if they delivered everything in one, there’s not much to look forward the year after.

  • Al

    That’s not relevant with the Apple TV I was referring to, as it was supposedly about ready to launch… long ago. Regardless, I was providing an example of how extremely unreliable rumours are, regardless of the source.