WSJ: Apple Working on a Line of Cheaper iPhones


It was only a few days ago that rumours stated Apple was working on cheaper iPhone models, such as a $200 unlocked device with multiple band capabilities. Now, thanks to a story from the Wall Street Journal’s well-informed Yukari Itawani Kane, more fuel is being added to the fire. Ready? Here we go!

Half the Size of iPhone 4 and Half the Price?

More specific details have emerged from a source that saw the new iPhone prototype months ago. This smaller iPhone is half the size of the iPhone 4, half the price, and codenamed N97. What comes to mind, is a tiny phone to compete with the HP Veer.

MobileMe to Get Overhaul?

The source continues to mention an imminent overhaul of MobileMe (Steve said it’d get better in 2011–he wasn’t lying). Apple has already made Find my iPhone a free feature, and the source mentions MobileMe will go free (yes!). MobileMe could also become the main ingredient in an online cloud music solution that Apple has been working on for over a year.

When will we expect to see these new offerings? The source mentions summer, or possibly earlier.

Expect More iPhone Rumours

It’s that time of the year folks, and iPhone rumours are coming in fast and furious. When these little “hints” come from the Wall Street Journal, you know they have credibility (The Beatles). You can probably guess where their “source” is coming from–probably someone very close to Cupertino.

With the smartphone wars starting to heat up now that HP/Palm are getting into the mix, and Nokia/Microsoft are holding hands, it would only make sense for Apple to shift to a higher gear to hold off the competition. Also, MobileMe looks overpriced at $109/year (Canada), when services such as Dropbox provide plenty of free online storage.

What would this smaller iPhone be named? iPhone Mini? iPhone Nano?

…more as this story develops, with new details coming later, as confirmed by Yukari on twitter.



  • By the way MSN live offers a similar system to moble me. with storage and online office, for free.

  • i wonder if the new smaller iphone will keep the tech specs of the current iphone4 and iphone 5 will be the dual core etc. thats what i think.

  • I sure hope the next iPhone is duel core. if it isnt Apple will get burned by basically everyone for falling behind for a whole year. the Budget iPhones i could see them removing GPS, and making most the parts from 100% recycled materials and label it as the Green iPhone. but who knows.

  • Expect the smaller iPhone to use similar parts, but certain major features will be left out, to prevent offsetting iPhone 4 sales. They would possibly leave out a front-facing camera, no HD video, smaller storage capacities. Maybe a 4GB or 8GB capacity. Think of this as the next budget ‘dumb phone’.

  • Good point. However, it’s still MSN. 😉

  • lello91

    Windows Live…please !!! lol

  • lello91

    Lauching a 200$ would be a big fail. We love the iPhone for its high-end technology. If I wanted a cheap 200$ phone, I would have bought an Acer or Lg phone.

  • What if this high end technology could sway people away from a crappy Acer
    or LG? $200 is not unreasonable for iOS.

  • Sparky

    iPhone 5 will be better than iPhone 4. They’ll still be selling the iPhone 4 so it’ll probably be a mini 3GS but a little better. Better to compete with other small phones. That’s what I think.

  • Alex

    I strongly disbelieve Apple will be making a cheaper iPhone that doesn’t do anything better except have a better price for the same reason they were dissing notebooks saying they were “just cheap computers” that have no reason for being.

  • Alex

    Apple wouldn’t make another cheaper device just to be cheaper. Don’t you remember what they said when they introduced the iPad? Notebooks have no reason for being because they’re just “cheap laptops” that “aren’t better at anything.” Apple won’t do this, no way.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I stronly agree with you. but, in the other sides, I do hope Apple can would luanched a cheap iphone. If so, I could buy one also. lol. ^.^
    p.s. Apple iPhone 5: Release Date And Expected Features

  • Auto Strada

    Wow, keep an open, people!

    You don’t need to be smart to realize that coming out with other options for the iPhone range is necessary if Apple wants to maintain its dominance in a world with many companies that’ve had enough time to play catch up. Doing that with one handset option will be VERY hard. They’d rather do it sooner than later and risk playing catch up for a change.

    With the requirement for faster everything and prices for everything going up, it won’t take long before the “main” iPhone model becomes MUCH MORE expensive than what it is now. Enter a less expensive/capable option to remain accessible to those who will opt for another brand only because they can’t afford the premium price but still want some of the features that make the iPhone what it is and can afford. Besides, Apple made an 8gd 3gs – ANYTHING’s possible.

    Personally, $200 is too low for Apple. If the iP4 is $779/659, respectively. Me thinks they’ll replace the 8gb 3gs with a $499/$559 version to compliment the iP5 and make the iPhone a more complete product line.

  • Auto Srtrada

    …mind lol. keep an open mind

  • MSN… this is for us LONG time users lol
    change the name all you want, we will always know it as MSN 😛

  • Anonymous

    I think it would be a good move for Apple. It just shows that Apple is changing and has turned into a giant and not the small high end tech firm they once were. Once you get that big – its all about the numbers.