WSJ Spills the Beans: The Beatles are Coming Tomorrow


With this morning’s announcement on Apple’s website about tomorrow being a “day you’ll never forget,” there has been lots of speculation what is coming. The Wall Street Journal, with their excellent “sources” have confidently announced that tomorrow will be about The Beatles coming to iTunes.

Apple Inc. is preparing to announce that its iTunes Store will soon start carrying music by the Beatles, according to people familiar with the situation, a move that would fill in a glaring gap in the collection of the world’s largest music retailer.

The deal resulted from talks that were taking place as recently as last week among executives of Apple, representatives of the Beatles and their record label, EMI Group Ltd,, according to these people. These people cautioned that Apple could change plans at the last minute.

In other speculation about what is coming, MacRumors reported that they did receive an unconfirmed tip about the Beatles coming to iTunes, but such tips weren’t uncommon.

Daring Fireball had readers mention that the images of the clocks resembled the Beatles’ Help album cover. Image from TechCrunch:

What do you think? Could this be it? The Beatles are coming? Set your alarms, folks.

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  • Boo… Give me Free MobileMe instead lol

    (any beetles fans please dont throw stones at me lol)

  • Free MobileMe probably won’t be here until some competitor offers up an
    equivalent. No stones coming your way from over here–yet. 😉

  • The Beatles are/were a very influential band, and I won’t deny their talents, however I really dislike their music, and I would have preferred an iTunes cloud tomorrow

  • Aloombox

    YAWN!!!! I love the Beatles but who cares and why the big stupid reveal! I was hoping for something more practical. Arghghgh!

  • Mikechowns

    I think the beatles are great, however, their music coming to iTunes unforgetable? Hardly.
    Sure, I’m all for being able to buy their tunes online, but I’m certainly hoping that all of the excitedment is for more than that.

  • I feel as though this will be the Beatles coming to iTunes tomorrow as well as another announcement (such as streaming). While the Beatles is awesome and I will be forking over a fair amount of money for the collection, it seems as though Apple has something else up their sleeve as well and will be using the Beatles to “mark” the special occasion.

  • I love the Beatles, but I really hope there is more to the announcement.

  • gordunramsie

    The Beatles? WAKE UP APPLE!

  • Wipdeedoo

    SJ has tweeted it’s bigger then The Beatles.

  • Mouss12

    The only one that matches up is the “L” (3rd Beatle, London time).

  • Anonymous

    One hint is iTunes. So don’t hold your breath on any new things like streaming or MobileMe or cloud service

    Although the program is used for all iDevices iTunes is still a music program.

    The Beatles on iTunes makes sense. Having something like MobileMe change or syncing/streaming or cloud would require a mini press event from Mr Jobs. Plus if it were those then it would say Apple instead.

    Then you have the references of the Help album. And the song lyrics.

    Well that’s what I think….

  • Jmstranger

    Isn’t Microsoft’s SkyDisk very similar to the iDisk part of MobileMe? Do you think Apple will have to do something to compete since SkyDisk is free.

  • Justin

    Lamest news ever. I would think that anyone that likes the beatles would already have their music catelog

  • Anonymous

    There are fans…. And then there are Beatles fans 😛

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  • Stringer

    Lame… Apple couldn’t possibly be hyping something like this. Like Justin said below, Anyone who would care about this would already have their music. There better be something bigger on top of this…

  • Stringer

    Lame… Apple couldn’t possibly be hyping something like this. Like Justin said below, Anyone who would care about this would already have their music. There better be something bigger on top of this…

  • Well – I’m a Beatles fan – but they are so late to the digital music party that I couldn’t care less (ie. Already own all their music).

  • Anonymous

    Clearly it’s iPhone 5.


  • Ari

    The Beatles suck. They are sellouts and hypocrites.

  • Chrome262

    LoL so it’s a big deal for Jobs but anyone younger then my dad will be disappointed. As if they were ever relevant. And I agree a day late and a dime short.

  • Kerry

    You’re kidding? This is the news that I’ll never forget?
    I already own pretty much every Beatle album and I bet most people rounded out their collections with Napster.

    This is an example of Apple using their market aura to try and “amaze” us.

    Tell you what, Steve . . . amaze us with having sufficient iPhone inventory when a model is actually released.

  • Frenchyroast

    Yes it’s true. Paul, Ringo, George, and Julian (in lieu of his father) will be there for this grand announcement. They will have instruments in hand and will break into song at the apex of this emotional event, and that song will be, the classic Rick Ashley, “Never Gonna Give You Up”. I hope.

  • If the announcement is simply the Beatles I will be VERY disappointed. AC/DC would be a more impressive, and relevant, acquisition in my mind. People who like Beatles music are far too old to use iTunes. Yeah grandpa…I am talking to you, go ahead and type some snide reply…then get your grandkids to sync your iPod for you.

  • gordunramsie

    How about you show a little respect for seniors, yeah, big boi?


  • Anonymous


  • Cshupe2

    Probably fakse

  • Cshupe2


  • suckaaaaa!!

    Who gives a fuck, it’s just the fhcking beatles. I will forget this day and I’m sure all other hardcore beatles fans will too…

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fake account. lol

  • Anonymous

    You have got to be kidding! All of this for that? What about IOS4.2? And all other things that customers would like to see? But the Beatles? Just get your ass to the CD store and by their CDs if you like them! No need fo that on iTunes (I poersonnally don’t like the Beatles but I respect people who do).

  • Wipdeedoo

    Gay… disappointment.

  • I am pretty sure that Google offers everything that MobileMe does…except the Find My iDevice thing.

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