WWDC 2011 Sold Out Before Some People Even Read About It


Apple announced the dates for WWDC 2011 this morning, and it looks like the event is sold out. By the time some people have read about WWDC 2011 (and the lack of iPhone 5 announcement, which I mentioned I’m okay with)–it has already been sold out.

Yes, in less than 10 hours, all the tickets are gone. Last year, it took 8 days for tickets to sell out. Given that iOS development has grown incredibly in a year, I’m still surprised the event sold out in less than a day, let alone 10 hours. @PenLlawen does the math:

So Apple will generate almost $8 million dollars in ticket sales from WWDC 2011, according to that 5000 attendee number mentioned by Steve Jobs. Incredible.

[h/t The Loop]


  • WOW…thats gotta be a world record for tickets sales or something!!!

  • IBeatmaker

    I woke up and purchased right from my iPhone. No way I was going to miss wwdc 🙂

  • Anonymous

    For a WWDC event 😛
    Concert tickets and other events (*cough* Charlie Sheen *cough*) sell almost double or triple the amount in just an hour or two 😉

  • Jhellman

    Ya not at 1600 a ticket they wouldn’t. Big difference there.

  • Korkyjohnson

    Blizzcon (world of Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo convention) sells out in < 10 mins for 25000tix)

  • Zachary

    heard a lot of corporate developers who needed to get approval for WWDC prior to purchasing tickets missed out on the opportunity (someone mentioned Adobe as one of em)

  • Nvidia

    $1600 per ticket?
    umm really?

  • Anonymous

    Betcha a lot of those tickets were sold on the belief they would see the iPhone 5. Wonder how many people will cancel their ticket now that there is a good chance it’s not happening?