Apple Confirms 2013 WWDC Keynote Taking Place on June 10


Apple has confirmed with AllThingsD its 2013 WWDC keynote has been scheduled for Monday, June 10th at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Apple previously announced dates of the conference last month and as WWDC tickets went on sale for $1,599 each on April 25th they sold out in literally a minute.

The keynote normally takes place on the first day of WWDC, so this isn’t surprising, but Apple never confirmed this until now.

Some analysts predict Apple will refresh its MacBook line up at WWDC to go alongside the highly anticipated launch of iOS 7. What’s on your wish list for WWDC?


  • Cook said new products coming in the Fall. I am expecting Mac refreshes like last year.

  • Yup, mini with Retina Display and iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 w/ios 7. Oh and iWatch + Mac Air with Retina as well.

  • Olley

    Perfect time to retire my 5 yo MacBook Pro

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m hoping for an iPad 5!

  • K3

    I want Bieber to rock the stage with a cover of Born in in the USA for the intro of “made in the USA”. ????

  • reformcanada

    128GB iPhone Please!!!