Xiaomi’s Mi 5 Flagship Targets iPhone 6s, Galaxy S7 at Just $300 [PICS]


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At the company’s first ever European press conference today at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Xiaomi’s vice president of international, Hugo Barra, delivered a presentation in which he introduced Xiaomi’s new Mi 5 Android phone, while comparing it with the iPhone 6, Tech Insider reports.

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Barra highlighted that Xiaomi’s camera sits flush with the device, but Apple had to include a bump on the back to fit the camera in. He then made the point that the company’s new flagship Mi 5 smartphone is 14 grams lighter than the iPhone 6s. He also showed off that Mi 5’s camera can stabilise images on multiple axes, while the iPhone can only stabilise images on two axes.

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And the one point Xiaomi really wanted to get across, was that its new phone is fast. One of the slides below is reminiscent of something Apple co-founder Steve Jobs would say:

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But what makes the Mi5 compelling, is how it is priced at just $300 USD, geared towards the Chinese market, with a goal of taking marketshare away from Apple and Samsung (it looks like a Galaxy S7 knockoff), whose flagship smartphones cost double or more.


  • Riddlemethis

    $300 USD! Why didn’t your misleading caption and tweet say that? You’re stooping to low levels to get people to come here. That’s like a thousand Canadian #sarcasm. #integrity

  • aaloo

    does it have siri, iMessage, homekit integration, my iTunes library, my app store family sharing library, continuity for my ipad/macbook/imac, siri hands free for my car, the ecosystem? nope, didn’t think so. these guys will never come to europe or north america, coz they are going to get sued from all corners, forget about apple.

  • Dingleberry

    Everything you just named, everything, is entirely proprietary. It’s like asking if a Honda vehicle comes with Ford’s Flexfuel technology.

    Besides it runs Android, its direct competitor is Samsung. The HARDWARE comparisons to the Apple device still holds ground. Benchmark tests in photography and speed will decide which device is better, but for now it’s just a bunch of marketing fluff.