Xplornet Employment Postings Begin Appearing Ahead of Launch in Manitoba


Xplornet looks to be about ready to enter into Manitoba’s wireless market. The carrier has posted a number of job listings today, which indicates that Xplornet is close to launching.

The Canadian carrier has a total of seven retail associate postings in Brandon, Manitoba, which means that it will be opening the doors on its brick-and-mortar stores with limited staffing.

Last year, the company took their first step into the public spotlight by announcing that they played a supporting role in Bell’s $3.9 billion acquisition of Manitoba Telecom Services.

Bell has agreed to sell a total of 24,700 wireless subscribers, six stores, and the 40 MHz spectrum in Manitoba to Xplornet.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • phillipwhite

    I feel so bad for the people in Manitoba that they need to deal with Xplornet more than most do in Canada and feel quite frustrated with Bell for allowing Xplornet to dig their nails into people in Manitoba