Yahoo Brings Their Award-Winning Weather App To The iPad



Yahoo received an Apple Design Award for Yahoo Weather at WWDC, earlier this year. During the conference Apple showed off its Weather App, bringing an all new design to match the simplicity of iOS 7, displaying noticeable design similarities to Yahoo Weather.

Originally, Yahoo Weather only supported the iPhone, but with the latest update, it has been made into a universal app, offering full iPad support. The award-winning design looks great on the iPad’s larger display.

Yahoo Weather takes advantage of the iPad’s large display allowing for more information to be displayed at once.

We received an email from Yahoo about the update to their weather app:

After introducing a beautiful new way to see the forecast with Yahoo Weather for iPhone, Android and, today we’re bringing the same experience to the iPad. Yahoo Weather for iPad features new animations — such as raindrops that swell with water as clouds and mountains pass in the background — that bring the weather to life.



Here is a full list of what is new in the latest version of Yahoo Weather:

What’s New in Version 1.5

Yahoo Weather – now for iPad!

– The design, layout, and interactions you love optimized for the larger screen

– Experience stunning, interactive animations as you scroll through the forecast


Share the weather

– On iPhone, share a screenshot via Mail, Messages, Facebook, or Twitter by selecting “Share” in the sidebar

– On iPad, share by selecting the share icon on the home screen or “Share” in the sidebar

Apple has yet to offer a stock weather app for the iPad. If you are looking for a weather app for your iPad, Yahoo Weather is a great choice.

Yahoo Weather is available for free on the App Store.


  • Chrome262

    Cool looking, but award winning?? Yahoo gets its weather from weather dot com. A good site, but they take forever to update, so I keep that app on my phone to actually check the weather. Also, for whatever reason, they don’t update the “feels like” data. So while it may actually be -12 with a windchill to -20, it will show data from and hour ago (-10, and no windchill at all), while weather dot com is upto date. If I ask siri she actually tells me the windchill, so there is a disconnect. So, I am not sure who is giving out the awards but it never functions properly. Looks nice though lol

  • Nick

    Believe it or not they actually won an Apple Design Award for it. Given out by Apple during the week of WWDC back in June.

  • Chrome262

    I guess for design, it fits, and its way better than it use to be, but Yahoo has to get their act together and get quicker updates to the data they used. I mean come on, they are pulling the data from a server sheesh