Yale Announces Apple HomeKit Support for its Assure Smart Locks


Yale Locks and Hardware has today announced the availability of Apple HomeKit and Siri support for its Assure smart locks, in the form of a new iM1 Network Module, which will hit major retail stores in Canada and the U.S. on October 16 for a suggested retail price of US $49.99. Users will also have the option to purchase an Assure Lock with the iM1 Network Module for US $219.99.

Assure SL Homekit 1200px 3

The new Yale iM1 Network Module will allow users to lock and unlock their home using the Apple Home app or Siri on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, whereas the Yale Secure app will let users easily check battery status, manage up to 25 PIN codes, see current lock status, customize lock settings, name a lock and add a new lock. Locking and unlocking automatically and away from home requires a 4th gen. Apple TV 4th or an iPad set up as a home hub.

“We strive to constantly develop products that enhance our user’s everyday lives and we are extremely excited to continue this with the launch of our iM1 Network Module and to offer iPhone users the ability to integrate Yale locks into their connected home,” said Jason Williams, President, ASSA ABLOY U.S. Residential Group, which includes Yale Residential.

Apple HomeKit also provides homeowners with the ability to create ‘scenes’ to generate a sequence of actions based on a certain command or event. For example, “Hey Siri, I’m going to bed,” might cause the front door to lock, the thermostat to turn down and the kitchen lights to turn off.

The module will initially be compatible with the new Assure Lock SL (YRD256) and the Assure Lock Key Free Touchscreen (YRD246). It will be available to purchase at Best Buy, Lowe’s SmartSpot stores, and P.C. Richard & Son.


  • space2001

    It appears this enables bluetooth connectivity, back to your AppleTV which needs to be within the 30-40 fooot range for Siri/Homekit to work. If the Yale had wi-fi, I would likely buy this as it has smaller form factor, and keypad option for guests/tradespeople.

    I’m still looking for something similar with wi-fi instead, and not as bulky as the August lock.

  • tomm

    I am looking for exactly the same thing, wifi enabled lock since my router and Apple TV on a different floor and further than 30-40 feet. I don’t know why so many manufacturers are stuck on bluetooth only, it’s totally impractical in many homes because of the distance. My koogeek plugs that are on wifi all work since they use wifi. And so does the Nest protect which comes in 2 models, one is wired but the other one uses batteries and they last more than a year, up to 5 years apparently. So it’s possible to do.

  • Maxim Chiriac

    Probably because WiFi devices require more power and batteries would discharge too quickly

  • tomm

    the Nest Protect has wifi and runs on batteries for up to 5 years so there is no excuse that strategy could not be implemented for door locks. How many people will be willing to move their Apple TV and router (such as Time Capsule) in order to connect the lock on a different floor? That is non starter for me, so I’ll give up and wait for another solution.