York Police Chopper Captures Erratic Driver Playing Pokemon GO [VIDEO]


Some people are taking “gotta catch ‘em all” a bit too seriously. York Regional Police have released a video detailing their chopper following a car driving “erratically”—turns out, the driver was playing Pokemon GO.

Pokemon go driving

The aerial footage was recorded early Monday morning, as a Mercedes was reported to be “driving suspiciously” around Keele Street and Teston Road in Vaugh, after 3:20AM.

The police chopper followed the driver, who stopped in a parking lot, then parked in a residential neighbourhood, while making “suspicious turns” in the middle of the road, before being pulled over by police.

The driver was given a “stern warning” by police on distracted driving, but charges were not laid, as Const. Laura Nicolle told CBC News, “You have to have sufficient evidence to lay that charge and usually that involves actually being seen with the phone in your hand.”

Nicolle said if the situation had taken place during the day, instead of at night when nobody was around, the outcome may have been different.

York police published the video to YouTube in an effort to show “how bad the driving can be,” adding “We still felt it was worth putting this out just as an education piece. That particular person was fortunate that they got a warning and hopefully, learned from that.”

Check out the video below:

A recent update to Pokemon GO for iOS now warns drivers not to catch and drive, as a new pop-up forces trainers to confirm they are not driving in order to continue playing.


  • sukisszoze

    If Pokemon really wants to stop people from playing while driving, why can’t Pokemon just make sure the app doesn’t work if it detects movement at say > 10km/hour. Sure, it would affect the passengers in the car but that should not be a big deal. Pokemon already restricts any eggs from hatching until so many km has been recorded and the game knows not to hatch the eggs when the player are in a vehicle. The popup is not going to stop someone from not playing it while driving.

  • Biggy604

    It does have that option but driver can circumvent that by claiming they’re Passengers to continue playing the game.

  • definingsound

    That was the most boring infrared footage of all time. A car, moving at pedestrian speeds, until it was pulled over with no incident by a police cruiser.

  • For the exception of him failing to come to a compete stop at a stop sign, he didn’t do anything wrong.
    By the title of the article, I was expecting to see him hit a curb or hit a sign, weaving around a little bit.
    Kinda odd the police would even post this.

  • T33BS

    As I watch this video, I start to question what this fad is all aboot that would make a grown human drive around “erratically” to play a game at 7:30 in the morning.

    Then I notice the fancy infrared-vision which gets me thinking if all that surveillance is actually necessary. Wait- is there a surveillance drone tracking my random drives?! I mean, I do try to pull over to the shoulder when I need to tend to my smartphone- could that be seen as suspicious activity from a birds-eye view??

    …And then the pilot/operator goes and says, “I hope he caught all his Pokemon” and all is right in the world again.

  • T33BS

    **oops I was going by the time in the camera… I guess it was 3:20am. Same same.