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Here’s Apple Pay Working at Tim Hortons and Subway in Canada [VIDEO]

As long as you have a US bank-issued credit card that has been approved for Apple Pay, you can setup it up to use in Canada (more…)

MCX Considers NFC, Retailers Won’t Be Fined for Accepting Apple Pay

MCX has clarified some questions being asked about its upcoming mobile payments system, CurrentC.

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‘Microsoft Band’ Debuts for $199, Works with iPhone and More [PICS]

Microsoft has announced a new activity band and health platform.


Twelve South Unveils BookArc Stand For Mac Pro

Twelve South announced a new BookArc horizontal stand for Apple’s Mac Pro.


Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over 2011 MacBook Pro Graphics Card Issues

Apple may appear in court after a class action lawsuit was filed for faulty graphics cards on 2011 MacBook Pros.

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Apple in Talks with Distributors to Sell iPhone in Iran: WSJ

Apple in talks with potential distributors to sale the iPhone in Iran.

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Apple Tells PCalc Developer Its iOS 8 Calculator Widget Must Be Removed

Apple says iOS 8 calculator widgets are no longer allowed in the App Store.


Here’s What Actually Went Wrong Between Apple and GT Advanced

A revised declaration by COO of GT Advanced gives an account of where the deal went south.

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Apple Pay Not Expected to Arrive in Canada Anytime Soon: Analyst

Apple Pay won’t be available in Canada anytime soon, says analyst.


CurrentC Hit By Thousands of 1-Star Reviews on App Store and Google Play

Thousands of 1-star reviews have hit CurrentC in the App Store and on Google Play.


WhatsApp’s Voice Calling Service Delayed Till Next Year

WhatsApp has revealed it will launch voice calling services in the first quarter of 2015.

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Indigo iPhone App Updated to Accept PayPal, Ability to Add Someone’s Wish List

For Indigo iPhone app users, you can now pay with PayPal.

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Samsung Believes iPod/iPhone Have No Role in Evolution of Portable Audio

Samsung has today published an editorial on the evolution of portable audio devices.