Apple Celebrates 10 Years of iPhone: “We Are Just Getting Started”

January 9th marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone (more…)

Freedom Mobile LTE Network Speeds Beat Rogers in Early Tests

Freedom Mobile’s LTE network betters Rogers in early tests.


Foxconn to Build a New Facility Next to Apple’s R&D Center in Shenzhen

Foxconn has been developing and testing new products in its Shenzhen facilities.


Apple Releases Major GarageBand for iOS, Logic Pro X for Mac Updates

Apple has just pushed out updates for GarageBand for iOS and Logic Pro X for Mac.


Apple CEO Has His ‘Eyes Open’ to Moving Production to US, Says Trump

Donald Trump has recently spoken to Tim Cook about moving Apple production to the United States.


India Considers a 15-Year Exemption On Customs Duty for Apple

The country’s IT minister desperately wants Apple to have a base in India.


Ex-Apple Engineer Says Tim Cook Has Made Apple a ‘Boring Company’

He believes Apple’s current internal culture differs a lot from its culture when Steve Jobs was CEO.


Instagram Stories Live Video Rolling Out in Canada Today

Instagram has announced Canadians will get access to live video in their Stories feature starting today.


Stanford University Offers 1,000 Apple Watches, Funding for Healthcare Research

Stanford University is launching a new health program to explore the possibilities …


Supply Chain Reports Strengthen iPhone 8 ‘Wraparound’ Display: Analyst

Supply chain reports are depicting a massive scramble for securing OLED display …


YouTube Rolls Out New iOS Sharing Feature in Canada Only

YouTube has started rolling out its built-in share feature for users in …


Former Swift Lead Chris Lattner Explains Why He Moved To Tesla

Lattner explained why he moved to Tesla.


FTC Accuses Qualcomm of Forcing Apple to Use its Baseband Processors

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission launched a lawsuit against Qualcomm.